The Westjet Airlines cancellation policy comes into play when you want to cancel your Westjet flights. Its main objective is to highlight the major aspects of flight cancellation. Additionally, it gives the essential rules that travelers have to obey to successfully cancel their bookings. The ways in which you can use this feature are also mentioned under this policy. It also discloses the conditions regarding the change fee, last-minute cancellations, and eligibility criteria. 

Terms and Conditions for Flight Cancellation on Westjet

Customers trying to avail of the cancellation feature must oblige to the carrier’s distinct conditions. They help in preserving the privacy of the users while maintaining their security. 

The following are the important conditions highlighted under the Westjet cancellation policy: 

  • The tickets directly purchased under Westjet are eligible for a name change in case this is the reason for cancellation. The name change policy does not apply to reservations made through any third-party sites. 
  • The option to cancel your ticket will be open for a few hours before your flight’s departure. This is seen if you have made your reservation at least a week prior to the schedule of your flight. 
  • Both domestic and international flights can be canceled. However, the rules can differ in each of these cases. 
  • Westjet 24 hour cancellation policy applies when you wish to reverse your reservation within the said hours of booking your flight. 
  • Sometimes, if cancellation is not available on your ticket, then there might be an option to change your flight. You can check the carrier’s official site for more information in this regard. 

Note: The travel itinerary, departure destination, and time of request can influence the eligibility of the cancellation. These details can be updated on the official Westjet site from time to time. 

When Should You Cancel Your Flight Tickets on Westjet? 850(517)4001

Different obligations may lead the traveler to the decision of flight cancellation. Any modifications in the travel plan at the last moment can also affect your journey. Sometimes, unavoidable circumstances may cause you to cancel your bookings. For this reason, being aware of the prospective causes of cancellations of tickets can help you in structuring your plan more efficiently. By understanding this contingency, you can gain an insight into the steps to be taken after cancellation. 

In this regard, the possible causes leading to flight cancellations are highlighted here: 

  • Lack of proper planning 
  • Change in the departure location 
  • Problems with the reservation of connecting flights 
  • Urgencies in work 
  • Family emergencies 
  • No-show at the airport 
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Exceeding the luggage limits set under The most viable option in any of the above-mentioned instances is to go for flight cancellation. The Westjet Airlines cancellation policy does not discriminate based on the reason for ticket reversal. Therefore, all travelers, irrespective of the purpose of cancellation, are open to using this feature. 

Note: At times, if you are unable to change your name on the ticket or upgrade your seat type, then you may have to cancel your reservation and rebook a flight. 

How to Cancel Your Flights on Westjet? Call Now 850-517-4001

This airline gives several methods to enable last-minute, 24-hour, and immediate cancellations after flight reservations. These include both online and offline options. You can select the option you find the most convenient, based on your requirement. Also, considering the expertise of different users, the airline makes these methods easily accessible and simple to use. 

The following are the 2 main methods you can use while canceling a flight with Westjet: 

  • Through the online site
  • Via the customer care service 

The other way of using the Westjet cancel reservation feature is through its app. This is usually considered to be a non-conventional yet effective method. You can use this app on your mobile to reverse your bookings. The procedure is similar to that of the online mode. However, the app users have the additional benefit of accessing the latest upgrades easily. 

Note: All of these options offer complete guidance during cancellation. The only difference in these methods can be in the execution of the cancellation procedure in terms of pace. You will have to decide on these options based on the time of your request. 

Method 1: Online Flight Cancellation 

One of the easiest and the most preferred ways to cancel your flight is by using the online method. For this, you can use the official site of the airline or its mobile app. This method is immensely simple to follow and time-efficient as well. You can select this online mode mainly for international Westjet flight cancellations since it is quick. 

Under this method, you will have to log in to the carrier’s main site and provide your reservation details. This step-by-step online procedure is elaborated here: 

  • Open your browser and go to the link . 
  • Upon visiting the official page of Westjet Airlines, log in to your “SkyMiles” account, if you are a member of this program. Otherwise, you can simply sign-in on the site as a regular customer. 
  • Now, on the home page of this site, locate the “My Trips” section and click on it. 
  • You will have to enter your details now including “Confirmation Number”, “First Name”, and “Last Name”, as per the Westjet Airlines cancellation policy. 

Note: You can find your “Confirmation Number” on the “Flight Receipt” that will be emailed to you upon your initial booking. Should you be unable to obtain this number, then you can use the option to find your trip by the “Credit/Debit Card” or “Ticket Number”. 

  • Submit these details by clicking on the arrow icon to your right. This will redirect you to the “Trip Details” page. 
  • Here, retrieve your flight booking and select the ticket you want to cancel. 
  • Next, select the “Modify Flight” button. 
  • You will now have to choose whether you wish to have a reservation change or flight cancellation. For cancellations, select the “Start Flight Cancellation” option. 
  • At this stage, the site will provide on-screen instructions for you to cancel Westjet flights. Follow these instructions.
  • Confirm your cancellation and you can proceed to request a refund. 

An equivalent process can be followed for cancellations using the mobile app. You will have to similarly give your details and access cancellation on the application. 

Note: It is important to know that the online Westjet cancel flight option may not be available on the tickets booked for travel from Mexico. 

Method 2: Canceling Flights via Call 

In some instances, calling the airline can be preferred to cancel your booking. Under this option, you can directly connect with the officials and request to cancel your ticket. This offline option is most beneficial for cancellations at the last minute. It is also reliable since the agents directly undertake the process of the Westjet Airlines cancellation policy. 

You can call the following numbers to connect with the customer care agents of Westjet: 

  • 850-517-4001 (Toll-Free Number)
  • +850-517-4001 (customer service)

Note: The customer care unit will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Therefore, you can connect with them anytime without hesitation. 

Once you reach the officials at Westjet through these phone numbers, inform them of your requirement for flight cancellation. You will be asked to give information about your flight like the confirmation number, passenger’s full name, and ticket number. 

As soon as the agent is able to locate your reservation, your Westjet trip cancellation procedure will be initiated. To confirm the cancellation, you may be required to pay additional charges, if necessary. Finally, you will receive an email at your registered ID regarding the cancellation. After your flight is canceled, you can either apply for a refund or rebook your next flight. 

Note: Make sure to double-check the details of the flight that you are opting to cancel. 

Cancellation Policy for Westjet SkyMiles

SkyMiles is the loyalty program of Westjet. Members of this program get points that they can use to obtain awards. These awards can later be redeemed to buy tickets and upgrade to First and Business classes. The cancellation policy for Westjet SkyMiles, is applicable for any such changes under this program. 

To cancel your SkyMiles ticket using the online option: 

  • Log in to your official “SkyMiles” account on the site. 
  • Go to the “View Trip Details” section and enter the relevant information. 
  • View your booking and select the “Modify Flight” option, 
  • Choose the “Cancel Westjet Flight” button and proceed with the cancellation. 

For canceling your SkyMiles ticket offline: 

  • Call the SkyMiles number at 850-517-4001.
  • Mention your details and request the agent for cancellation. 
  • The procedure will be initiated and completed soon. 

Note: The SkyMiles ticket can be canceled without any extra fee. The option to cancel this ticket will be open up to 10 minutes before the flight’s departure. Additionally, you can get back the awards or miles spent to buy this ticket in case of cancellation within 24 hours.

Fees for Canceling Flights on Westjet Airlines 850-517-4001

In case you are choosing to cancel your flight, you may have to pay the Westjet cancel flight fee. The amount of this fee depends on various factors ranging from your flight itinerary to the travel destination. The type of ticket and the reserved cabin class also influence these extra charges. 

Sometimes, you can also avoid the payment of cancellation charges. For this offer, you have to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking. If you succeed to cancel your flight within this ‘no-risk period’, then the additional charges will be waived. Additionally, the main cabin fliers on the flights to and from North America are free from the payment of cancellation.

The basic outline of the cancellation charges in different circumstances is highlighted below: 

  • Passengers of the Basic Economy fare will have to pay the Westjet flight cancellation fee which can start at $99. 
  • For the flights traveling from Europe, a fee of about $150 can be charged. 
  • Travelers on flights from India, the Middle East, and Africa will have to pay around $199 for cancellation. 
  • On the remaining non-refundable tickets, the fee depends on the original cost of the initial ticket. It can be about $500 less than the remaining value of the ticket after cancellation. 

Tip: Canceling your flights well in advance can save you from the trouble of paying additional charges. 

24 Hour Cancellation Policy of Westjet Airlines 850-517-4001

Passengers looking to reverse their reservation within 24 hours of the initial booking can use the Westjet 24 hour cancellation feature. Under this policy, all ticket fares can be canceled within 24 hours. Some tickets, like the Basic Economy fare, are only deemed eligible for cancellation within these hours of their booking. Upon exceeding this stipulated period, you will not be able to cancel these Basic Economy tickets. 

Even domestic and international flights can be canceled within 24 hours. As per the , This feature can also be utilized when you wish to discontinue your journey immediately after the booking. Additionally, you may not be liable to pay any change fee if you cancel your booking within these hours. 

Policy for Flights Canceled by Westjet 850-517-4001

Apart from the cancellations done on the passengers’ part, sometimes, the airline itself declares its flights as canceled. This mainly happens due to weather conditions that do not support flying. The other reasons why Westjet cancels flights are listed below: 

  • Storms, rains, and extreme cloud cover 
  • Delay of flights 
  • Problems at the receiving airport 
  • Runway difficulties 
  • Take-off issues 
  • Damaged aircraft 
  • Emergency safety issues 
  • Technical and mechanical errors 
  • Overbooking of flights 

In view of the pandemic, flights operating in the containment zones can get frequently canceled. For this, you can check the Westjet COVID cancellation policy guidelines by connecting with the carrier. It also highlights the main aspects regarding the restrictions on flying during coronavirus and the safety policies. 

Compensation for Flights Canceled by Westjet

In cases of flight delays and cancellations, the airline will provide you compensation. For delays, the airline will either rebook an alternative flight or store your amount in the form of eCredit for future use. If the flight is cancel at least 14 days before its take-off, you will be entitled to a Westjet flight cancel compensation of $700. The flights to and from Europe will be fully compensat. 

Refund for Westjet Airlines Flight Cancellation 850-517-4001

The Westjet Airlines refund policy provides for an amount upon the successful cancellation of flights. However, you can only request it on refundable tickets. Non-refundable tickets will not be eligible for potential refunds. You can check whether your ticket is refundable or not on the official site at the time of booking. 

You can go for a Westjet request refund for a canceled flight through the following steps: 

  • Connect with the “Westjet Reservation Sales” at the number 1-850-517-4001 
  • Provide necessary details to the agent regarding the date of your cancellation, flight details, and the eligibility of your ticket.
  • Make an official request for a refund. It will be process soon and the amount will be credit to you through your preferr payment option. 

For an online request, you can log in to the official site of the carrier. Go to the Refund section and fill in the application form. Mention all the required information and follow the on-screen directions to make your request. 

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