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4 Activities That Can Harm Your Trees Unknowingly

We’re all aware of the many ways in which trees improve our planet. Trees play a vital role in the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide, provide oxygen, reduce air pollution, and serve as a habitat for many species of animals and plants. They also help to reduce the effects of climate change and can help keep us cool during hot summer days. We try to do everything we can to preserve the trees. But are we doing something that is harming them instead? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Most homeowners do not realize these mistakes until tree removal Alpharetta GA becomes absolutely necessary.

Here we have listed 4 of these activities that are harming our trees:

Girdling a Tree for Show

Girdling a tree for show is one of the most egregious mistakes people make in regards to trees. Girdling a tree, or cutting a strip of bark from around the circumference of the tree, eliminates the cambium layer, which is essential for transporting nutrients and water up and down the tree. Some people think that they are doing the tree a favor by girdling. But instead, it is slowly killing the tree.

Mulching Too Close to the Tree

Mulching is a good practice for increasing production. However, mulching too close to the tree can damage its roots and bark, leading to water and nutrient stress. Trees depend on the upper layer of soil for the transport of moisture and air. Mulching away from the trunk and towards the branches is ideal, as it allows water and air to circulate around the base of the tree.

Pruning the Tree in the Wrong Season

Pruning in the wrong season could damage the tree’s health. Removing large branches in the wrong season can disrupt the balance of the tree and make it vulnerable to disease. Trees usually build up nutrients for the winter season. Therefore, pruning in the fall is not recommended by experts in tree service Alpharetta GA.

Filling the Tree Cavities with Some Material

You shouldn’t be filling tree cavities. People think that filling tree cavities with concrete or wood can add to their structural strength and protect against decay, but it often does more harm than good.

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