5 Types of House Poles with Attractive Designs

Having a house with a design that is unique and different from others is a dream for anyone. You can make your house look different by making poles in your house. These poles can have different designs so that your house can look more attractive. Below are several variations of the house pole model that you can make reference to and are quoted directly from Sebring Design Build:

Recycled Wooden Pole Model

The next pole model is the recycled wood pole model. Poles that have a model like this can look very attractive and will make your home have a different theme. In addition, this recycled wood slot gacor gampang menang pole model does not use new wood so it will be more friendly to the environment.

Marble Pole Model

If you have more capital then you can make a marble model pole. The marble pole model is one of the poles that requires a higher cost to manufacture. Marble is one of the main building materials that has a high price but has very good aesthetic value. If you want to make your home look luxurious, you can use a marble pillar model as the main design.

Metal Pole Model

You can use the main material of metal iron to become a very attractive pole model. Metal poles have solid resistance and can certainly make your home look more luxurious. Combine the metal iron with a mix of dark colors and wood materials to create a very attractive modern minimalist impression.

Sandblast Pole Model

If you want a pole that has a texture, you can use the sandblasting technique so that the pole has a texture like sticking sand. This method is commonly used so that your home can have a different impression and not be monotonous. In addition, the application is quite easy to make this technique very popular.

Model Pole Combination of Wood and Stone

If you want to create a simple design but still put forward a modern design, then you can design a model of a combination of wood and stone pillars. The combination of these two materials will make the house more natural and still prioritize good aesthetics.

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