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6 Reasons to Get Airbrush Tattoo Instead of a Permanent Tattoo

As permanent tattoos are very difficult to get rid of and are very painful for removal, people are now bending towards temporary and airbrush tattoos. Airbrush Tattoos can last upto seven days. But some airbrush tattoos can even last for six months, depending upon the quality. Instead of a permanent tattoo, you can go for an airbrush tattoo which can provide you with the following benefits :

1. Less Time Taking

Permanent tattoo procedures can take the whole day, and as more updated tools are required, tattoo artists are now bending towards airbrush tattoos, promising to save the client’s time. Airbrush tattoos are drawn using airbrush jet sprays with the help of stencils. The airbrush tattoo artist will pick up a stencil design as per your selection and complete the tattoo procedure within 3-4 hours.

2. No Needles Required

In permanent tattoos, needles are required so that the ink penetrates deep into the skin layers. It’s a very painful method. The pain can be described as that of ear piercing. Many people don’t have a high pain tolerance level.

Therefore, they want to go for airbrush tattoos instead, which is the easiest and most painless form of a tattoo. If you’re a Texas resident, search for artists who can do temporary tattoos in San Antonio as per your customized design.

3. Can Be Re-Changed and Re-Designed Again and Again

Unlike permanent tattoos that cannot be removed once done, airbrush tattoos can be changed or removed if you don’t like them. With shampoos or any soapy detergents, they can be removed at ease, and you can go for other airbrush tattoos. If you don’t like the previous tattoo design, you can go to the tattoo artist and ink another temporary tattoo.

4. Cost-Effective

Temporary tattoos are more cost-effective when compared to permanent tattoos. An average airbrush tattoo artist charges $50- $80 an hour. As they are cost-effective and can be changed easily, working people like to get them done more often. A permanent tattoo will burn your pocket a lot more and cost you an average of $1500-$2000 for a coloured one.  

5. Quick Drying Formula

Temporary tattoos almost dry within 60 seconds, unlike the permanent ones, which take a whole day to get done. The airbrush tattoo artist improvises the most modern techniques so that your temporary ink dries off completely within seconds.

As people have less time nowadays, they want everything quickly. Therefore, temporary tattoos are growing more in demand. Doing it all by yourself won’t give last even a day. Therefore, it’s recommended to take the help of an airbrush artist in Las Vegas if you’re an American resident.

6. More Hygienic than Permanent Tattoos

Permanent tattoo artists need to keep their tattoo equipment clean and sanitized daily. Minimal negligence can lead to major contaminated skin diseases. As in permanent tattoos, needles are inserted into your skin, thus allowing viruses and bacteria to penetrate your skin, causing serious skin ailments.

Alternatively, in temporary tattoos, simple stencils are pasted on your clear skin, and the tattoo is done with the help of a jet airbrush. In this tattooing technique, needles are not inserted, which reduces the chances of serious skin diseases.

As most people are working and like to follow the trend, they are shifting towards airbrush tattoos more. Trends tend to change from time to time, and to match the ongoing trends, airbrush tattoo is the answer.

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