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7 ways to simplify life for expats who live in Dubai

If you’re planning to move to Dubai and are planning to move there, you’re likely to be joining a vibrant expanding community of expats waiting to greet you. With an expatriate community of more than 2.5 million people from abroad, The city is the most diverse hub in the UAE filled with numerous job opportunities and extravagant entertainment. Live in Dubai is a very amazing experience.

However, even though Dubai is among the most accepting Emirates toward other lifestyles, however, adjusting to the city’s lifestyle has some issues. Here are some suggestions to help you make the transition easier!

First Complete your visa process-live in Dubai

Who doesn’t want to visit the United Arab Emirates the visa process is so hectic, isn’t it? Not anymore! 

Now, your struggle to apply for a UAE Visa, and waiting in line is hassle-free. All you need to do is apply in 3 easy steps. You will receive them through email in JPG or PDF Format. Your passport will be stamped upon arrival at Dubai immigration when you will show a printed copy of your E-visa. You can choose the required visa for various options.

The Home You Choose Will Determine Your Lifestyle

The decision of where to live in Dubai is among the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make when you’re an ex-pat. The option of renting an apartment or studio or loft is an excellent opportunity to be in the center of the city as well as townhouses and villas with luxury are the best option for those looking for peace and tranquility.

Although it is all dependent on the type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy in Dubai you shouldn’t overestimate the costs associated. The rent for a 1-bedroom apartment range from $900 to $1400 per month based on the location, while living in the Villa community could cost you more than $4000!

Learn The Dos and Don’ts of Life in Dubai

Dubai is a melting pot of different various religions, cultures, and lifestyles It’s easy to be a part of the diversity that Dubai offers. When you’re living in Dubai it is important to keep in mind this: the UAE is an Islamic Muslim country with its own set of laws and customs.

Some etiquette tips to follow in Dubai include:

  • Hand gestures that are not respectful or aggressive behaviour may result in being detained
  • Consuming or cooking pork is regarded as Haram
  • Both women and men are expected to dress modestly.
  • Swimming attire is permitted only on specific beaches and tools. Nudity is not permitted.
  • Finger-pointing is considered to be a sin.
  • Exhibits of affection like kissing or hugging are not permitted in public.

You Must Have at Least EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) Health Insurance

Healthcare standards in Dubai are among the highest globally, and you won’t struggle to find internationally-accredited, English-speaking healthcare providers. But, when you are moving to the UAE it is essential to take into consideration health insurance and choose your policy carefully and ensure that you’re protected in case of emergency.

live in Dubai
Live In Dubai

As a rule of thumb, everyone who earns less than AED 4,000 per month is required to be covered by the Essential Benefits Plan or EBP which is the minimum amount of health insurance coverage mandated under Dubai law. It is a requirement that the EBP costs AED 500-650 per year, and provides emergency medical treatment and basic medical healthcare.

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Understand The Legalities of Long-Term Rentals

Dubai and the UAE as a whole are famous for their sluggish and complex bureaucracy. If you are looking to lease a property for the long term You will need to have a valid residency visa, bank account, and an employer’s letter.

It was evident that the process could take a while and it is recommended that you look into arranging a temporary rental to stay in while you wait for the paperwork needed to be completed.

Pro tip: It is normal to charge tenants 1-4 cheques at the beginning of the year and then 2-4 cheques at the close of the year. Be sure to have sufficient money in your account for these times. the bounced cheque could be considered a criminal offense and could lead to significant penalties and jail time!

Dubai living

You’ll Need a Personal Alcohol License to Buy or Drink Alcohol

Although Dubai is among the cities with the highest standards of liberality in the UAE However, alcohol consumption is strictly controlled.

Keep this in your mind:

Visitors and residents within Dubai are required to have a Personal Alcohol Licence (which is issued to non-muslims above the age of 21) to purchase drink, consume, transport, and store alcohol.

The legal age for drinking alcohol in Dubai is 21.

Obnoxious or offensive conduct can result in the possibility of spending time in jail DUI is not tolerated.

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Learning a Few Words and Phrases Can Go a Long Way

The best method to get the most out of your stay during your stay in Dubai is to immerse yourself in the culture to make connections and get to know the people who live there. Although English can be found widely throughout the city, acquiring several of the widely spoken words and phrases in Arabic is a sure method to impress your new friends live in Dubai.

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