9 Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Your Tween

When your kids are pre-teens, about to hit teenage, no wonder planning birthday parties can become somewhat complicated. It is a lot different than doing it when they were young.  You would find a variety of birthday party packages in Dubai for the purpose so that your kids can enjoy their special day in the best way possible.

Having said that, let’s discuss some interesting ideas for birthday parties that you can try for your tweens.

Interesting Birthday Party Ideas for Pre-tweens

  • A Bonfire

For a home party, there is nothing better than having a barbeque, bonfire, and playing some familiar games.

Kids will get to meet up and eat good food with their friends. There are so many games that you can play, have a small dance party, grill food, roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories or watch a movie!

  • Plan a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt might sound childish. You may have done it when your kids were younger. However, you can add a bit of a grownup twist to it. Make the boundaries bigger. What you can do is divide the guests into teams and then start the party with the teams decorating T-shirts. Let them have fabric markers or Sharpies even. Give each of the kids a list of clues. Kids can also use their phones to take pictures of the clues. Allot a time and then decide to meet up.

See that you don’t limit the clues to finding any historical markets or some iconic place. Throw in some things a regular teen or tween loves to do. Like singing, showing a hidden talent, or something. It could be anything.

  • Good Old Sleepover

Nothing beats good old sleepovers. Really! The best thing about sleepovers is that as the kids are older, you don’t have to worry about them getting scared or dealing with separation anxiety.

Activities you can include could be making brownies, decorating cupcakes, making pizzas, watching a movie, and playing games. You can also have a great breakfast in the morning.

Don’t forget to ask for suggestions from your kids and their friends. Including them in the plans would make it all the more fun. They would engage more with activities spread out for them.

  • Arrange a Movie Night

If you are still dubious about going to theatres, you can create a mini-drive-in feel. If you have a terrace or a backyard, you can arrange a screen, and play your kids’ latest favorite, or an old favorite that your kids love to watch again and again. You can pick one or two movies. Provide snacks and give them the feel of a drive-in cinema at home.

  • Pool Party

Summers are incomplete without pool parties, right? If you have access to a pool or have one of your own, you can have a pool party. Swimming and splashing in the water in the desert heat, what more could kids want? You can throw in some festive floats, arrange for fun colorful drinks, and fun food. You can have pizza or barbeque for food. Don’t forget to have a lot of sunscreen at hand!

  • Art or Craft Party

Host an art or craft party where kids can express their creativity. Provide various art supplies and guide them through a painting session, tie-dye workshop, or other hands-on creative activities.

  • Cooking or Baking Party

Let the pre-teens get hands-on in the kitchen. Choose recipes that are easy and safe for their age group. They can make their own pizzas, decorate cupcakes, or create personalized snacks.

  • Costume or Dress-up Party

Encourage kids to come dressed as their favorite characters or in a specific theme. You can have a costume parade, fashion show, or even hire a face painter or makeup artist to add to the excitement.

  • Arrange a Field Trip

If you don’t want to do anything at home for your kid’s birthday, how about you round up your kids and go to the zoo, beach, hiking trail, or an ice rink? An even better option will be to take your kids out for zipline in Dubai. This is an activity loved by one and all.

In all, there are tons of fun activities and theme parks you can take your kids to. Rent a van and take your party somewhere and have an unforgettable birthday.

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