Causes Of QuickBooks Not Opening On Your PC And Doable Fixes

A vast number of organizations and individual users, like freelancers, accountants, etc., depend on QuickBooks for accurate accounting and tax calculations. Unfortunately, the software can sometimes malfunction due to technical glitches or bugs. QuickBooks Not Opening or crashing is a common issue caused by these bugs or incorrect system settings. This blog clearly explains why it happens and the actions you must take to resume working on QBDT without problems.

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QuickBooks might sometimes refuse to open or crash midway while you use it on your system. The possible reasons for the malfunction in QBDT are discussed below in detail-

  • QuickBooks data is severely damaged, and the software fails to open due to the absence of essential program files.
  • The Windows components (.NET framework or MSXML) fail to run or are missing from your computer.
  • QuickBooks is partially installed on your computer, leading to issues when you try accessing a company file.


We know you are in an annoying situation because of QBDT failing to open or crashing frequently. You don’t need to worry, as the following methods will help you run QBDT smoothly on your PC again-

Solution 1- Mend the damaged QB Data using Verify-Rebuild Utility

QuickBooks verifies your identity using the QBWUSER.ini file whenever you try opening the software. Other program files also run simultaneously to ensure the software runs smoothly. QBDT fails to open or crashes randomly if the program files get damaged. You need to repair the data and make it usable again to ensure QBDT doesn’t develop issues while opening. The verify & rebuild utility inbuilt in the software will help you fix the damaged data and make it usable for the software again. Follow these steps-

  • Use the search panel to open QuickBooks on your PC directly and click File.
  • Go to the Utilities option and select Rebuild Data in the drop-down list.
    If prompted, Click Yes to create a backup and wait until a complete data backup is created.
  • After the process, Open the File menu again and click the Utilities option.
  • Tap Verify Data and wait until the software scans your data for any remaining issues.
  • If you encounter a ‘Your data has lost integrity’ message, click the Rebuild Now option mentioned below.
  • Try opening QBDT after the process is finished.

If you cannot access the software due to the error, move to the next solution.

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Solution 2- Use QB Tool hub to fix internal software issues

QuickBooks also fails to run if it is partially installed on your system and develops internal glitches. You can use the QB Tool hub to remove the bugs, as shown in the following steps-

  • Install and open your PC’s newest QB Tool hub version.
  • Go to the Program Problems menu and tap Quick fix my program in the drop-down list.
  • Let the software get fully repaired, and then try opening it again.


This blog provides the reasons for QuickBooks Not Opening or crashing randomly on your system. The methods you can easily apply and effectively fix the software are also discussed, which we hope you’ll use to run QBDT on your PC without errors.

Consult a QB support team at 1-855-856-0042 if you need further assistance to resolve the issue.

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