A Comprehensive Guide : JetBlue Name Change Policy

When booking a JetBlue Airlines flight, you have the option to change your name if something goes wrong. The name on the ticket can be incorrectly spelled or inverted.

As a result of marriage, divorce, or other legal reasons, a passenger may also request a name correction. JetBlue Airlines’ Name Change Policy makes it easy for a passenger to correct their name.

The JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy

To help passengers with name errors, every airline has a different policy. JetBlue’s Name Change Policy provides some rules for requesting a name change on a boarding pass. These conditions apply to concerns related to first, middle, and last names.

If you wish to correct or change your name, you must meet the following conditions:

  • A passenger whose ticket was purchased directly from JetBlue or its agents is eligible for a name correction.
  • If the traveller wants to make changes or corrections to the original PNR, he or she must initiate a new booking with a renewed PNR.
  • Ticket reissues are only allowed once per customer. Therefore, be careful with the corrections you make. Review the details carefully before submitting them again.
  • Travellers must submit their “NAMECART” number when correcting their name on a ticket.
  • In order to apply for a JetBlue name change, a passenger must submit the legal documents. These papers need to be government-verified in order to prove the authenticity of the information provided.
  • JetBlue Airlines allows you to correct or change your nickname, last name, middle name, and add first names.
  • The name of a passenger can be changed in case of marriage, divorce, or adoption.

What is JetBlue Airlines’ policy on name corrections?

Here are some attributes of JetBlue’s Name Correction Policy that you can follow for hassle-free travel.

  • Passengers can only change their names by one letter with JetBlue Airways.
  • In addition, you can only change your name spelling once on the original PNR.
  • Visitors must obtain a new ticket if this is not possible for any reason.
  • In order to correct the name, passengers must keep the same fare class as on the ticket. If this isn’t possible, then you must book our flight with the lowest available fare class.
  • In the same way, you must secure the same flight data for the new name ticket.
  • If you couldn’t correct your name using the original ticket PNR, you will have to cancel your flight.
  • To avoid duplicate space being used by visitors, this will get the seats back into the inventory.
  • The name can be changed by visiting the ‘Manage My Travel’ tab on the official website.
  • The whole name can also be changed by contacting JetBlue customer service.
  • The legal expert must sign the marriage certificate/divorce agreement if your surname is changed after marriage or divorce.
  • You will receive a mail depicting the ticket details once you have corrected the name.
  • Reissuing the ticket requires entering the code ‘NAMECART’ in the Tour Code Box. This waives the name change fee.

Name correction on JetBlue tickets

A passenger sometimes inadvertently adds incorrect details to the name on the reservation. JetBlue’s Change Name Policy on flight tickets guides travellers on how to correct such errors. There are a few terms that customers must be aware of before using the name policy.

The following are some of the essential terms of the name change policy:

  • In accordance with JetBlue’s change name on plane ticket policy, a passenger can make corrections to their name only within a certain number of characters. However, the number of characters may differ depending on the name of the customer.
  • An airline will not acknowledge a passenger’s intent to change a name that is intentionally written incorrectly for a purpose of transferring it to another person.
  • A fee may be charged for a name change on a boarding pass.

Changing your name is allowed by JetBlue’s name correction policy. Please note that your date of birth, gender, and other information will remain the same. Jetblue Airlines has a Flight Change Policy that details how passengers can reschedule their flights.

The criteria for changing a name

In accordance with Jetblue Airlines’ Name Change Policy, the following criteria must be met:

  1. JetBlue must operate and validate the flight with only B6 flights and 279 ticketing stock for a name change to be allowed.
  2. In the case of interline and codeshare travel, all flights mentioned in the tickets must either be operated by JetBlue or OA Interline JetBlue partners.

Here are the instructions for changing your name

If you wish to change your name, follow the instructions and step-by-step guidelines below.

  1. In the first place, all segments in the original PNR must be cancelled, and the ticket should be left open.
  2. It is now necessary to book a new PNR for the new passenger with all his details.
  3. A reissue or voluntary exchange of the open ticket should be initiated now.
  4. Tickets must be reissued with the applicable change fees and the difference in fares collected prior to final changes.
  5. Name changes do not require waiver codes since change fees and fare differences are collected.

What is the correct way to correct JetBlue Airlines ticket names?

There are no name corrections or name changes at JetBlue Airlines. Name corrections here are much easier than name changes because they don’t require reissuing tickets and paying penalties. Most of the time, name corrections can be done on the same PNR.

However, JetBlue Airlines’ name correction and name change processes are unique because they can only be done by a JetBlue crew member via telephone or live chat.

Those who have booked with a third party can also request a correction or change through a travel agency. If you want to know how to correct and change names on JetBlue tickets, you must be aware of the different processes for name corrections and changes. These processes are listed below.

  1. Name correction via phone call

In addition to name corrections and changes, JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to contact a JetBlue Airlines crew member directly by dialing the number. In order to make quick redress, passengers should have their PNR numbers, supporting documents and other details handy. A $50 service fee will apply if name correction is done over the phone.

  1. Name correction via live chat on social media

It is also possible to request name changes or corrections via live chat on the airline’s website or social media. Passengers can contact customer service representatives directly via live chat through the airline’s social media handles.

Here you can find links and phone numbers that can assist passengers in making necessary changes or corrections. Name corrections can be done via live chat, but they are not free. For name corrections via live chat, a $50 fee applies. A service fee is charged in addition to the applicable change fees and fare differences for name changes.

  1. Name Correction through travel agencies

If passengers have purchased their tickets through a travel agency, they should handle name corrections and name changes. Travel agencies will apply fee waiver codes for name corrections, as well as re-enter SFPD data, book new PNRs, and reissue tickets for passengers whose names change. In spite of these restrictions, JetBlue Airlines has a strict policy regarding name corrections by travel agencies.

In the event that a crew member from JetBlue Airlines performs a name correction or name change for a third-party booking, a service fee of $50 will be charged.

Here are some points that will help you understand JetBlue’s name change policy if you are married or divorced:

A change of name form must be submitted with supporting documents in order to make the necessary changes.

A number of legal changes can be made, some of which are outlined below:

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • During mid-travel, passengers can correct errors in their name. For more information, please contact our customer service team.Passengers who want to change their maiden name or family name after marriage may submit all the supporting documents, such as a marriage certificate or any government-issued document, in order to do so.
  • JetBlue’s name correction policy does not apply to bookings made through unofficial platforms.
  • JetBlue name change fees can be waived by using a waiver code or contacting the airline ahead of time.

At the airport, what if JetBlue’s name is misspelled on the boarding pass?

  • In the event that JetBlue misspells your name on your boarding pass, there are several steps you can take.
  • Explain all your name change concerns calmly to the JetBlue Airline staff member.
  • In order to rectify the misspelled name, please contact JetBlue name correction assistance. The company will inform you of any requirements or fees involved in making the correction.
  • Make sure you have enough time before your flight departure to resolve the issue without feeling rushed.
  • Make sure that the correct name appears on your new boarding pass after completing JetBlue’s name change process at the airport.

How much does JetBlue Airlines charge for changing its name?

If you want to correct JetBlue Airlines’ misspelled name more than once, you will have to pay a specific JetBlue name change fee. The charge depends on multiple factors. JetBlue Airlines charges an average fee of:On flights outside the USA, Mexico, or Central America, the charge may increase to $200 for Blue Basic seat holders.

  • JetBlue’s name change policy allows travelers who travel with Blue, Blue Extra, Blue Refundable, Blue Plus, Blue Plus Refundable, Mint, and Mint Refundable to alter their changes by paying the fare difference.
  • If a passenger uses offline mode for name correction on a ticket, they will be charged $50 or more.
  • When a name is changed due to marriage, adoption, or divorce, the JetBlue cost may vary.

What is the process for requesting a name change with JetBlue Customer Service?

JetBlue Airlines offers the most flexible JetBlue name change policy in order to facilitate travelers. For corrections to JetBlue Airlines’ incorrect name on a ticket, customers are allowed to contact customer service without any problems.

1 – Via Phone Call

The JetBlue Airlines customer service number is 1-844-JB-VACAY (528-2229). You might not be able to reach this number on weekends as these are usually known for high levels of traffic on the airline. If JetBlue Airlines has to deal with so many passengers, there is a supplementary JetBlue Airline name change customer service number +1-800-865-1848. You can call this number and get instant resolutions for JetBlue Airlines name correction.

2 – Via Live Chat

As well as providing a number, JetBlue also offers its passengers the ability to chat. You can find out more about JetBlue’s chat methods on the Contact Us page of the airline’s official website. There are three types of chat available – WhatsApp, Chat for Apple mobile devices, and Chat for Android mobile devices. You can select according to the circumstances and requirements of your situation.

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