A Quick Guide to Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy

Due to a last-minute emergency, you may have to postpone the trip you had planned for days or months. In order to avoid frustration at this point, Spirit Airlines’ Flight Change Policy is much more flexible and offers a smooth resolution in less time than most airlines.

Among the most efficient airlines in the United States, Spirit Airlines focuses on providing passengers with an effortless travel experience and also makes it easy for them to change flights. We have added every essential information from the Spirit Airlines change policy here in order for you to understand the policy before proceeding with flight changes.

How does Spirit Airlines handle flight changes?

If a passenger changes their flight within 24 hours of the original booking time, Spirit Airlines will not charge any return fees. Moreover, Spirit Airlines also does not charge any return fees on the tickets if the change is being made due to unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, a death in the family, etc., after submitting the relevant documents.

As a result of Spirit’s modified flight policy, passengers will also not be charged for changing to another Spirit flight when the airline changes the departure or arrival time of their booked flight.

Highlights of Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy

In order to successfully request a ticket change, you must have detailed information about Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy. Therefore, you need to know the procedure in advance.

Spirit Airlines’ flight change Policy terms and conditions are as follows:

  • In case of unforeseen circumstances in the family, passengers can request changes in flight reservations. For this, they will need to bring the supporting documents. If the supporting documents are submitted, there is no change flight fee.
  • Customers are not charged a change fee if they change to another Spirit Airlines flight if Spirit Airlines changes the arrival and departure times of the previous flight.
  • When you book a ticket with a credit card, you will be covered for trip changes.
  • Flight changes can be requested within 24 hours of the original booking.
  • Reservations can be changed at least 60 days before departure.
  • A customer can amend a Spirit Change flight ticket on the same day as departure with the same day policy.
  • The following are some highlights of Spirit Airlines’ flight change policy.

Standby policy for Spirit Airlines for same-day flight changes 

If you miss your flight or wish to board an earlier flight, Spirit Airlines allows you to standby the same day.

As soon as the seat becomes available, Spirit Airlines’ Change Flight Same Day Policy puts you on the next available flight. In this way, Spirit Airlines’ Standby Policy allows passengers to switch flights on the same day. Silver and gold Spirit members can fly standby free of charge.

Policy for changing Spirit Airlines flight schedules

When Spirit Airlines changes your flight schedule due to an irregularity, you don’t have to worry. Depending on the schedule change, a stop may be omitted, a connection might be missed, or a flight may be cancelled. Depending on Spirit Airlines’ Flight Change Policy, you can either rebook or get a refund.

In the event that your departure time was altered by more than 2 hours, you may be able to rebook your ticket at no extra expense:

  • The same airports and departure times are used for arrivals and departures.
  • The previous departure date must be within seven days.
  • Spirit Airlines will not reimburse your money if you rebook with another carrier.

Flight changes with Spirit Airlines

Here is a detailed description of the online and offline methods that Spirit Airlines offers to change flights.

Online Flight Changes with Spirit Airlines

  • To make changes to an online flight booking, follow these steps:
  • Visit Spirit Airlines’ official website at https://spritfly.com
  • Log in to your Spirit Airlines account by entering the required details.
  • Select “My Visits” from the menu.
  • Next, enter the passenger’s last name and reservation code.
  • Choose “Continue” from the menu.
  • Make the desired changes to the flight you selected.
  • To complete the Spirit Airline flight change process, follow the process on your screen and pay the Spirit Airline flight change fee (if applicable).
  • Get confirmation of any changes made to the email address or phone number on file with the new flight ticket.

What is the process for changing the offline status of my Spirit flight?

Here are the steps involved in the offline method:

  • At the airport, you can find the Spirit Airlines Kiosk/Hub Ticket Reservation Center.
  • Call Spirit Airlines’ flight change customer service team to request a flight change.
  • The same-day flight may be changed by Spirit Airlines.
  • Passengers can change the itinerary of an original date flight booked on Spirit Airline up to one hour before the scheduled departure of the flight with the airline’s same-day flight change service.
  • According to the original flight reservation, the new flight selected by the passenger must follow the same route between airports.
  • It is not possible for passengers who have checked in via any mode (online/offline) to select any of the previous available flights.
  • Long-haul Spirit Airlines flights do not offer same-day flight changes. This is in accordance with Spirit Airlines’ policy regarding flight changes on the same day.

The Spirit Airlines change fee applies to both standard and award tickets

To avoid paying a change fee, you must either modify your booking within the 24-hour window or at least 60 days before departure. If you change outside these timelines, you will be charged:

  • In accordance with the table above, a change fee of $49–99 will be charged depending on when you make the changes.
  • There will be a difference in airfare, taxes, etc., if your new flight is more expensive.
  • Reservation Credits will be given to you if your new flight is cheaper.
  • Only the passenger who receives the Reservation Credit can use it.

Flight Flex Tickets – Spirit Airlines Change Fee

The Spirit Airlines Flight Flex option lets you change your itinerary once, free of charge. It can be purchased online, over the phone, or through your travel agent. If you purchase it online, it will appear on the Extras section.

If you add Flight Flex to your booking, you will be able to modify your itinerary up to one day (24 hours) before departure. In addition to the fare and tax difference (if any), you may opt to purchase additional services.

In the event that you cancel your ticket after purchasing Flight Flex, you will be charged the standard cancellation fee. You will receive a Reservation Credit for future travel (explained later) minus the applicable cancellation fee if you cancel.

Flight changes with Spirit Airlines are subject to a fee

  • Flight changes on Spirit Airlines can be made with skill, but fees will be charged based on the fare type.
  • If you change your flight within 24 hours or a week before booking, there is no change fee.
  • If the ticket purchased is refundable, passengers can request a refund.
  • Spirit Airlines flight change fees vary depending on your circumstances and change period.
  • The change period is within 24 hours of booking (at least one week before the scheduled departure date).
  • Flights with a normal ticket are free
  • No cost for Flex Tickets
  • No charge for award tickets
  • There is a one-day change period (i.e. one day after booking) (at least one week before the departure date).
  • Via Online: $90 for a normal ticket
  • One-time free flex ticket (online only)
  • Ticket for award: $110
  • During the 24-hour period before flight departure).
  • A standby flight with a normal ticket will cost $99
  • In the case of a standby flight earlier in the day, there is a $99 fee.
  • The award ticket cannot be used

What is the process for rescheduling a Spirit flight using travel credits? 

In the event that you change your Spirit flight, and if its airfare is higher than your original booking, you’ll receive Spirit credits. These credits can be used to book future Spirit flights.

The Spirit Airlines reschedule flight process can be initiated via the official website as follows – 

  • Before starting a new booking, locate your reservation credit number on the email you received when your reservation was cancelled.
  • In order to reschedule your Spirit Airlines flight, you should visit Spirit’s official website.
  • In the third step, enter all your personal information carefully and ensure that it is accurate.
  • In the section just below the payment option, enter the six-digit confirmation code.
  • The sixth step is to select Go.
  • The seventh step is to enter the amount of your reservation.
  • Click “Apply Credit” on the eighth step.
  • Follow the prompts to enter the additional payments if there is a remaining balance due.
  • In order to reschedule your Spirit flight, you will receive a new confirmation email after completing your reservation.
  • You can redeem a voucher or credit during the payment process.

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