A quick guide: What to keep and what to auction when moving

Moving is an ideal time to declutter and decide what belongings should come with you and what might be better off sold. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide what to keep and what to auction: visit website for more information

What to Keep:
Sentimental Items: Family heirlooms, photographs, and items with personal memories are irreplaceable.
Essential Documents:

Birth certificates, passports, wills, property deeds, financial documents, and other essential paperwork.
High-Value Items:

Jewelry, artwork, or collectibles that have significant value (both monetary and sentimental).
Everyday Essentials:

Basics that you use daily, such as certain kitchenware, electronics, toiletries, and clothing items.
Recent and Costly Purchases:

If you’ve recently bought high-ticket items, such as appliances or furniture, and they fit in your new space, it’s generally worth keeping them.

Specialty Items:

Items that would be difficult or expensive to replace, like specialized tools or hobby-specific gear.
What to Auction (or Sell):
Duplicated Items:

If you have multiple items that serve the same purpose (e.g., two toasters), consider selling the extras.
Outdated Electronics:

Older models of TVs, computers, or other electronics that you’ve since replaced.
Unused or Rarely Used Items:

Think about the things you haven’t used in the past year, such as certain kitchen gadgets, tools, or sporting equipment.

Old Furniture:

Bulky furniture pieces that won’t fit or suit your new space can be sold.


Items you haven’t worn in the past year, or those that no longer fit. Consider selling designer pieces or those in excellent condition.

If you have collectibles that you’re no longer interested in, these can be great auction items.

While it’s great to have a library, if you have books you’ve read and won’t revisit, or those you’ve never gotten around to reading, consider selling them.

Kids’ Items:

Outgrown toys, clothes, and furniture like cribs or changing tables.

Home décor items that won’t fit the aesthetic of your new home.

Large Appliances:

If you’re moving into a home that already has appliances, consider selling your current ones, especially if they’re still in good working condition.
Research Value: Before auctioning items, research their current value to set a fair starting bid or sale price.

High-Quality Photos: When listing items online, high-quality photos can make a significant difference in attracting buyers.

Document Condition: Be transparent about any wear or damage. Honesty can help prevent disputes with buyers.

Consider Other Outlets: While auctions can be effective for valuable items, consider garage sales, online marketplaces, or donations for other goods.

Remember, moving offers a fresh start. It’s an opportunity to curate your belongings and only bring items that add value and joy to your life. click here for more info

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