A bolster pillow is a long, tubular pillow. The pillow is pretty versatile, offer value in multiple ways, and is a complement to diverse rooms across the home.

Bolster pillows originated in Southeast Asian countries, having been designed such that they could be hugged while sleeping to give comfort and support, physically and also emotionally.

Here in North America, these varieties, especially the bolster pillow long, is used for additional support during sleep; while also adding to the décor in your bedroom or on your armchair, in your living room, etc.

Here are various uses and benefits for you and your family:

  • Orthopedic Use. A bolster pillow renders soft but firm support for the lower back, lumbar region, spine, hips, legs, and knees, alongside an impressive outer cover that lends superior comfort. 

Place a memory foam; half-moon bolsters pillow under your knees while lying down on your back, supporting the body’s natural curvature and alignment, soothing pressure on joints and the spinal cord; & alleviating peripheral muscle tension. By offering structure & supporting a healthy resting position, using a bolster pillow during sleep avoids & soothes an aching back and joints.

  • Comfort. Everyone knows that snuggling up to someone, or something, at night is relieving and supports one in getting good sleep. It’s not simply an instinct, as many researchers endorse this idea and recommend that cuddling up to, something aids sound sleep. The additional warmth you get from snuggling with your kids or partner is some of the several reasons why you go to sleep easily & wake up on the right side of the bed.

This “pillow-hugging” theory is more than simply an idea. It has been proven to give several physiological benefits like decreased anxiety, pain relief, stronger immunity, abatement of stress, etc. To be specific, sleeping with a bolster pillow long lends ultimate comfort, both inside and out.

  • Assuage upset stomach. Sleeping with a bolster pillow allays and comforts an upset stomach, more so when caused by bloating and gas. Lying down on your left side with the pillow below your right arm and leg positions internal organs (our colon) in such a manner that gravity now assists the movement of waste through the body. This light support can help relieve gas, IBS, constipation, and related gastrointestinal conditions. 
  • Maternity support. The well-made design of a bolster pillow gives extreme comfort and balanced support during pregnancy and maternity. Soft yet sturdy and with contouring memory foam, a bolster pillow is an ideal option for a sleeping aid among pregnant women who find it difficult to assume comfortable sleeping positions.

The Nutshell

Irrespective of whether you are sleeping in a queen, twin, or king-size bed, you’ll feel the effects of a bolster pillow the second you rest your head on the end of the pillow.

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