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Can I change my Aer Lingus flight once booked?

Frequently, passengers’ plans are not completely confirmed. They wish to change their reservations after they have been confirmed, such as the date, the flight, the seat, etc. If you are an Aer Lingus passenger, you can make adjustments even after the reservations have been confirmed. Therefore, you must read the material below if you want to be fully informed about the Aer Lingus Change Flight and its flying restrictions.

What is the Aer Lingus flight change policy?

 Here are the details on the change in flight policy of Aer Lingus:

  • If you made your airline reservation on Aer Lingus’ official website and want to change it within 24 hours of making it, there are no fees involved.
  • If you need to change your flight because of a medical emergency that arises after you’ve made your reservation and there are less than 30 days until your scheduled departure date, you must present a medical certificate in order to do so without paying any additional fees. 
  • Additionally, Aer Lingus permits passengers to modify their reservations while boarding.
  • Passenger changes to the reservation cannot be made after that time. To change a flight, a passenger must get in touch with the official Aer Lingus representative they purchased the flight through.

How do I change my Aer Lingus flight?

Follow the underlying steps for Aer Lingus Change Flight:

  • First, use your search engine to get to the Aer Lingus airlines official website.
  • Now select Manage Booking from the menu. 
  • Additionally, you need to enter the passenger’s last name and booking reference number. You will then be able to see your reservations; simply choose the one you want to alter. 
  • Now alter the reservation as desired and save your changes. 
  • If there are costs, you will then need to determine how much you must pay and pay with a card or another online payment method. 
  • Finally, you will receive a message regarding booking modifications on the provided contact number and registered email address.

Customers facing any kind of issues can call on the Air Lingus phone number.

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