Ayurveda has a unique place for Kumkumadi Tailam. This Ayurvedic beauty elixir was created utilising potent ingredients like saffron (Kesar), licorice root (Yashtimadhu), and Indian madder (Manhishta), among others. It can help nourish and preserve the health of your skin. Given that it may maintain normal skin texture, natural ageing, and gently regenerate the skin from within, kumkumadi tailam has recently grown in popularity.

Kumkumadi Tailam has a wide range of uses and advantages, making it one of the most popular Ayurvedic skin care treatments available today.

If you’ve never applied Kumkumadi Tailam before, you can begin by putting a few drops on your hands and gently massage your face with it for a few minutes. Applying this oil to your face on a daily basis is ideal if you want to reap its benefits. Make sure to see an Ayurvedic physician first if you intend to use Kumkumadi Oil to treat a specific skin issue in order to determine the proper dosage and application technique. Additionally, it’s essential that you get it from a reputable vendor, such as the Anahata Organic online shop.

Kumkumadi Oil: All You Need to Know

Who would refuse the chance to have radiant and young-looking skin? With time, it becomes harder to maintain that glowing look as pollutants can gradually make your skin lose its shine.

Since time immemorial, people have used Ayurvedic products to help improve their overall wellness. Kumkumadi oil is Ayurvedic product that has been hailed to help your beauty . Known as a miraculous Vedic elixir, this beauty potion, which is made with luxurious ingredients like Saffron, known as Kumkuma in Sanskrit, Sacred Lotus, Licorice Root, and Jasmine helps sustain the skin’s natural glow. Read on to know more about the benefits and uses of Kumkumadi Tailam.

Ayurveda is around 5,000 years old alternative science . Ayurvedic practitioners believe in comprehensive treatment, which is made possible by concentrating on both the outward and internal components of the body.

Kumkumadi Tailam and other external Ayurvedic formulations are beneficial for keeping good skin. The Ashtanga Hridayam, an old Vedic literature, asserts that Kumkumadi Tailam has revitalising properties.

The Kumkumadi face oil from Anahata Ayurveda is seprated from organic herbs and oils that, when applied topically, can support the skin’s natural nourishment, hydration, and tone.


  • Deep nourishment
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Provides a radiant complexion
  • Repairs early signs of ageing

Best suited for:

  • All skin types
  • Use daily at night
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