Automatic tire inflation system Market Expansion: Capitalizing on Opportunities, Confronting Challenges

Market Highlights

The automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) maintains the desired air pressure in the vehicle tires to enhance performance of the vehicle tires. The tire OEMs are developing different innovative technologies to improve the performance of the tire and tire inflation system efficiency and reduce wear and tear due to the air loss in the tire. The improved automatic tire inflation system market  enhances the overall performance of the vehicle and reduces the consumption of fuel by providing equal tire pressure in each tire.

The automatic tire inflation system has extensive use in military vehicles due to high surface contact of tires in high terrains, which causes air leakage. automatic tire inflation system market is used in military vehicles for better safety and efficient operations. In tractors, ATIS is used to reduce tire wear and tear and improve performance of tire. The factors that drive the automatic tire inflation system Industry are government initiatives towards the development of advanced automatic tire inflation systems, innovation in the technology, and increased sales of passenger cars in emerging economies.

 Based on region, the market is segmented based on North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Rest of the World. Europe region is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period. The automotive automatic tire inflation system requires significant initial investments, which becomes the entry barrier for the small companies in the market. The availability of distinct technologies related to ATIS in the region such as North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific has propelled the demand for automotive ATISs. Increasing number of manufacturers in the Europe region increases the scope of the market.

However, this has resulted in alienation of certain geographies, specifically in the Western Europe. North America is expected to be the second largest market to grow during the forecast period due to the immense demand of commercial vehicles in US. With the increase in demand of commercial vehicles, there has been an increase in demand for automatic tire inflation system Industry.

The increase in the time spent in vehicles generates the need for adoption of advanced technologies, such as ATIS and central tire inflation system to achieve the desired comfort. Asia-Pacific is expected to be the third largest market during the forecast period due to the presence of major manufacturers in this region. India, Japan, and China account for a majority of the share of automotive automatic tire inflation systems market in Asia-Pacific.

Key Players

The key players in automatic tire inflation system Industry are APERIA TECHNOLOGIES, INC.Aperia Technologies (US),   Bridgestone Corporation(Japan), Continental AG(Germany), Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company(US), Meritor, Inc.(US), CODA Development(US), MICHELIN(France), Hendrickson USA, L.L.C. HENDRICKSON(US), and Pirelli and C. S.p.A.(Italy)., STEMCO Products Inc. (US), and Hankook Tire Hankook Tire group   (South Korea), Pressure Systems International, Inc.(. (US), Denso Corporation (Japan), Inc., Haltec Corporation (US), Michelin North America Inc. (US),   GmbH (Germany), and PressureGuard (US) are among others.

This study provides an overview of the global automotive automatic tire inflation system (ATIS) market, tracking four market segments across four geographic regions. The report studies key players, providing a five-year annual trend analysis that highlights market size, volume and share for North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC) and Rest of the World (ROW). The report also provides a forecast, focusing on the market opportunities for the next five years for each region. The scope of the study segments the global automotive Automatic Tire Inflation systems market by its types, sales channel, vehicle type, and region

By Type

  • Central tire inflation
  • Continuous tire inflation
  • Others

By Sales Channel

  • OEM
  • Aftermarket


By Vehicle Type

  • Passenger Car
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Electric Vehicle


By Region

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Rest of the World

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