Hymenoplasty in Punjab

After the advent of the internet connection, the medical industry is engaging in new ways. When we talk about the development in science and technology, medical facilities have engaged in new ways for example in today’s time, it is possible to change any part of the body and be your type perfect. You can get a new lip, jaw, perky breasts, and yes, a brand-new hymen as well, all via cosmetic treatment. The surgery of hymen restoration is also known as hymenoplasty, virginity surgery, and just hymen reconstruction surgery.

Hymenoplasty in Punjab is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen.  It’s almost possible to repair any part of the body and be as per your choice. This treatment is the surgical reconstruction of the hymen.

The hymen is like a ring membrane in a women’s vagina. It generally breaks due to robust exercise or sexual penetration. This is only the reason many women, egged on by families, decide to undergo the reconstruction of their hymen because certain cultures value female virginity, and losing one’s virginity before marriage is a disallowance.

This operation is the surgical reconstruction of a hymen. This treatment allows females to take control of their futures in conservative societies.  In this treatment, the gynecologist uses self-dissolvable sutures to stitch back the torn remnants of the hymen. After complete recovery, when the sutures completely dissolve, there is no scar or marks left behind that can sign a surgical procedure.

Below are the advantages of hymenoplasty surgery in Punjab.

If anyone has been sexually active before marriage then she can still deem to go for a traditional marriage without the worry of ostracization. This process restores the ability of the hymen to bleed at intercourse on the first night. Victims of sexual assault can also use the treatment to get over the traumatic event and its memories. Some women like to get a hymen rejuvenation to feel youthful again.

The process of this surgery

  • Hymen reconversion surgery may be done after months or years of rifting virginity. To avoid any hurdle, the surgery must be done by plastic surgeon doctors.
  • This is a surgical process in which the torn edges of the hymen are joined back again. The hymen can rift due to sexual intercourse, sport, exercises, and many others. It appears new, youthful, and can bleed on sexual penetration.
  • After a few days of surgery, the stitched edges of the hymen dissolve by themselves.
  • The hymenoplasty in Punjab treatment takes about an hour to end.  
  • Victims are discharged from the hospital after five to six hours of treatment.
  • Patients are advised to avoid any vigorous activity. Lifting heavy weights and sexual intercourse should be avoided.
  • The victim can resume normal work the next day.


Now when you know the advantages of hymenoplasty surgery, and post-surgery recovery time, you can be thinking of hymen repair treatment charges and which clinics offer these surgeries. We are associated with some of the best aesthetic surgeons from Punjab’s top-ranking hospitals. Aesthetic surgeons from Punjab are highly skilled to perform hymenoplasty surgeries.

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