If you are wondering about how to talk to a live person at Virgin Atlantic,  then it’s time to stop thinking and act now. Call on the Virgin Atlantic customer service phone number. Or, you can even chat with the airline’s live agent. 

If you don’t know how to call the airline or how to chat, you can find the relevant method and the steps in the sections below.

How can I call Virgin Atlantic airlines?

If you are facing any kind of issue in flight booking or you wish to seek any kind of help from the Atlantic airlines customer service phone number. Follow these steps to talk to the airline over the call:

  • Dial the Virgin Atlantic customer service phone number
  • Next, wait for IVR options, and listen to the instructions carefully
  • After that, you have to click on the right digit to choose the language in which you wish to speak to the airline’s live agent.
  • Then, you need to listen to the automated voice again.
  • And now, you need to select the digit to choose the category of your query.
  • Now, Virgin Atlantic will connect you to its live person.
  • Furthermore,  you can ask questions from the airline’s executive.

You can ask any flight re. related questions to the customer service team. The team has experts that will guide you through your problem. 

How can I chat with the Virgin Atlantic live agent?

 Another very convenient and one of quickest methods to contact the airline is to hold a live chat session. If you are unable to connect to the airline via call, then you can definitely go for the live chat session.

However, chatting with the live agent at Virginia Atlantic can be your first option also. To do so, you can follow the below-given steps:

  • Go to the official site of the airline.
  • After that, you have to visit the contact us page
  • Then choose the live chat section.
  • After that, you have to write down a message in the chatbox. This will start the conversation between you and the Virgin Atlantic live agent.
  • Now, when you receive a reply from the airline, you can ask for solutions to your queries. 
  • Now you are satisfied with the reply that the airline person gave, you can hang up the conversation.

However, if you Are unable to follow the instructions provided by the airline, you can ask the agent to callback you and explain the required procedure to be followed. The Virgin Atlantic live person will ask about the timing so that they can schedule the callback with you.

What are the other ways to speak to the live agent at Virgin Atlantic?

Apart from chatting and calling the live person, you can also connect with the airline via email. Or, you can subscribe to the social media platform of the airline. 

However, if you have already traveled with the airline, and now you have to any complaint, or if you wish to compliment Virgin Atlantic for its services, you must contact them via email.

Send an Email to the Virgin Atlantic customer service team:

  • Go to the official site of the airline 
  • Now, visit the contact us page.
  • Then, you will get the Virgin Atlantic emailing option.
  • From here, you will be directed to compose an email for the airline. 
  • Just remember that you mention your feedback or compliment vividly in your email.
  • You need to mention the cause of your mail in the subject of the mail as well.

So follow the above-mentioned points while sending an email to Virgin Atlantic.

When is the customer service team of Virgin Atlantic available?

There is never a good time. However, you must contact a professional to request expert assistance if you are having issues with your reservation or have some questions about it. If you have questions about changes, refunds, baggage allowances, etc., you should contact the customer support team. Virgin Atlantic Customer service representatives won’t specifically assist with everything, but if you have problems with anything, it is encouraged that you get in touch with someone from the team to find the address and the best solution.

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