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Buy latest and exclusive Handloom Sarees only on – Chowdhrain.com

Buy sarees online – Chowdhrain is an armoire of Handcrafted Chanderis along with other weaves. We bring the most gorgeous of handwoven saris to contemporary women who value handmade and believe in minimal, classy sustainable lifestyle. The sarees are designed and woven with weavers at various parts of India wherever handlooms exist.

Wonderment Commendable STYLE


The most smooth clothing one can wear represents the lowliness and humility of a lady. Not at all like different types of outfits, you can continuously look exquisite in a saree with around 100 styles of hanging. Saree online



Chowdhrain is an armoire of handmade chanderis. We outdo chanderi craftsmanship to the cutting edge ladies who have faith in handiwork and economical design. We need to re-underscore Desi wear (saree/salwar duppatta) as a power dressing in the contemporary world – which is the genuine substance of the word Chowdhrain.

Enchanting Demeanor


Our Mul Store Assortment has appeal and solace in it. We have an incredible combination of traditional and contemporary Indian styles. Sarees made of Mul Cotton are the ideal decision for ladies who like to nonchalantly dress. sarees online shop


Once in a while the hardest bits of a riddle to gather, are the ones missing from the case. My quest for Chanderi in Bengaluru generally stayed a perplexing riddle. My dad has a place with Chanderi. What’s more, it yearned us to know that however Chanderis are brought into the world in the core of India, such countless Indian ladies actually have restricted admittance to this texture and can’t separate between a genuine and a phony Chanderi saree. Subsequently, in 2018 I united the unaccounted for parts, directly from Chanderi, to settle this delightful six yard long riddle.


The introduction of Chowdhrain remained closely connected with the introduction of my kid Hridhaan. I, alongside my significant other, wished to change the explanation a lady possessed a saree. Restricted not only for an event, not only for the plan, not for the variety but rather we accept a Chanderi desires to be claimed for the inclination it radiates, not exclusively to the wearer yet to the passerby as well.

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