Looking for the process to check QuickBooks product version and release? If yes, then going through this post will surely help the QuickBooks users. When a user makes use of QuickBooks software, it becomes important for the user to know about the release and version of the software being used. This basically helps in fixing the QuickBooks related errors, so that one can update the QuickBooks software version as and when required. In this post, we will be discussing the steps that can be followed to check the QuickBooks product version and release.

Thus, if the user is interested in finding out the steps involved in checking QuickBooks product version and release, then going through this post is suggested. Or the user can also get in touch with our team professionals and they will provide you with the best possible support services immediately.

Steps to find out the latest version of QuickBooks being used

In order to find out the release version, then the below steps can be performed:

  • The very first step is to open the QuickBooks desktop and also press F2 or Ctrl + 1 keys.
  • After that, the user should move to the product information window and also see the file section in order to find the versions being used
  • The user should then find the list of recently used versions

For QuickBooks for Mac (US only)

  • The user will have to check the version and release on the QuickBooks software and head to help menu and then product information
  • After that, for updating QuickBooks desktop for Mac, one should click on update QuickBooks desktop to the latest release

QuickBooks statement writer

  • The user of QuickBooks statement writer would have to go to reports on QuickBooks and then move to QuickBooks statement writer
  • After that, when the program opens, the user should select the help tab and also the about QuickBooks statement writer option.
  • The user would find the information about the version in the about window
  • After that the user can update QuickBooks statement writer
  • This can be done by opening the QuickBooks statement writer
  • And then selecting the help center and also selecting the update option

By now, the user might be able to successfully check QuickBooks product version and release. However, in case of any query, feel free to contact our QuickBooks desktop support team professionals at 1-844-405-0907, and they will provide you with the best possible QuickBooks support services in the least possible time.

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