What is Chicsumer.com?

In the growing online market competition, Chicsumer is focusing on women’s swimsuits. Their office and manufacturing are based in China. They have covered a wide variety of women’s swimwear. It goes from three-piece bikini to single-piece bikini, tankinis to full dresses. These bikinis and swimwears are different than ordinary pieces. They give you a damn sexy look with a lifted bust, high fitting bumps, loose dresses, frilled blouses, and more. Once a girl visits the website, it gets even harder to roll her eyes back. Yes, they have the most attractive and appealing swimsuits—some plain full shirts to half floral printed blouses paired with floral printed panties.

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Specifications of Chicsumer.com

Brand Name: Chicsumer
Gender: Women
Variety: Beach Swimwear and dresses, Skincare, Haircare, and Makeup
Material Quality: Premium Quality
Sort of merchandise: high-quality Beach clothing for women
Color choices available: Different Colors are available
Average Price: $30.00
Date of Domain registration: 14th January 2021
Social media Sharing: The website can be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest
Email: [email protected]
Phone CALL:+65 6389 3903 (All Customers, Service in English Only)
Address: 10ANSON ROAD#27-18INTERNATIONAL PLAZA Singapore Singapore, Singapore 079903
Return Policy: To return a package, please contact their Customer Service for a return address. Please do not use the address mentioned above directly as it is not for returning service.
Shipping policy: It takes 7 to 14 days to reach a product. The company offers expedited shipping for all customers.
Customer service: The Company offers 24×7 hours customer service.

Is Chicsumer Legit or Scam?

When the market shows new platforms, people ask this question more often. This website is new and covers a great domain, including beach clothes, beauty products, and hair care products. The best part is that they do not have an expensive range. They deliver at affordable prices. Thus, catching more interest and concern of the public. The worldwide service further increases the concerns.

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It facilitates women of different age groups but is specifically designed for those who love to spend summers on beaches or pools.
The Bikinis and beach clothes are available in different designs and patterns.
The women’s clothes are so comfortable and do not cause a rash on the skin.
Their make-up range is affordable.
All the products are light in weight and breathable.
All items are available at affordable rates.
The bikinis and beach dresses enhance confidence as it gives shape to the body and looks different.
These clothes provide a perfect fine fitting to the women’s body.


The site is new.
They have not told about the durability of the product.

Final Words

Wrapping up Chicsumer reviews, Although the site has a fancy look and appealing pages, people still complain about this platform. Although the rating is average it is positive as well. So, we cannot claim this site a scam or bad platform to make any purchase. You can make a purchase but we recommend trying something economical.

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