Clear Barcode Labels for Asset Tracking and Management

Barcode labels are designed to track and manage inventory, assets, and equipment. Each label provides key details about its contents including manufacturer’s name, type of product and price.thermal receipt paper in jeddah

Clear poly labels with wax/resin printer ribbons offer exceptional weather, scratch and tear resistance as well as oil and chemical resistance. This material also boasts exceptional chemical and oil resistance.

Labels are essential in asset tracking and management, providing accurate scanning capabilities and barcode reading so inventory or equipment can be tracked properly while also assuring repairs are completed on schedule.

Barcode labels come in an assortment of sizes and materials to meet various labeling needs, and are compatible with numerous printers to allow businesses to leverage existing infrastructure when buying and printing them.

Some label designs can also be printed with tamper-evident material that “voids” when removed from their intended equipment, providing businesses with an effective means to mark assets as single use or unique; it is especially useful for the defense industry when marking assets that should only be used once, such as tacking down regulated equipment for repairs or inspection by manufacturers, while cost-effective tracking of assets becomes possible with this feature.
Scratch Resistance

Cracked, worn-down labels can wreak havoc on equipment while preventing barcode scanners from reading them correctly, leading to misplacement, inaccurate inventory counts and increased labor costs.

Abrasion-resistant labels preserve print integrity and remain legible by both humans and scanning systems after repeated use in harsh conditions. Labels are tested using Taber abrasion machines for resistance against scratching, scraping and rubbing that could potentially damage their surface.

Zebra label materials are designed for maximum durability to provide accurate images with crisp edges, consistent performance, and reliable reliability. Compatible with Zebra printers and designed to meet a range of application needs for retail products, healthcare patient/specimen identification, transportation shipping/pallet labels/pallet labels for transportation shipping/pallet labels for manufacturing product labels/inventory tracking. Incorporating Zebra’s rigorous quality/reliability standards – choose between several label sizes/types/adhesives such as permanent/removable or high tack depending on operating/storage environment/surface requirements/surface requirements/removable.
Abrasion Resistance

Logistics professionals understand the significance of abrasion resistance for their barcode labels in high-speed sortation environments, where frequent scanning occurs. If barcode labels cannot withstand direct contact with rough surfaces, they could become marred or discolored and no longer readable at scanning speeds; this can cost companies thousands in compliance fines and other associated expenses.

Push, pull or scratch damage can compromise scannability issues in the workplace and frustrate employees. Select durable material labels to provide accurate inventory tracking throughout your operations.

Camcode’s Worth Poly Labels are developed for direct thermal printing and offer exceptional abrasion resistance, making them suitable for rigorous handling, outdoor exposure and moisture. Perfect for equipment labels, durable receipts and more; additionally they’re an excellent choice for GHS chemical labels as they resist harsh chemicals as well as RFID/tamper-proof labels that last over time.
Water Resistance

Rental businesses require barcode labels that remain intact and legible over time despite moisture, extreme temperatures or rough handling – whether from moisture exposure, extreme temperatures or rough handling – in order to remain profitable. It’s therefore crucial that businesses carefully consider their unique requirements when selecting label materials; especially those for products exposed to water or environmental elements.

Polyester labels provide both durability and water resistance that help guard against damage, making them suitable for outdoor equipment such as power washers or lawnmowers, while also being reliable choices when exposed to liquids or extreme weather conditions, such as food containers or medical devices.

When printing labels using a thermal transfer printer, select either wax, resin or full resin ribbon to ensure their adhesive can withstand rough handling. A wax ribbon offers an economical yet cost-effective option for light duty labels while full resin or combination wax/resin ribbon offers greater durability for more rigorous applications.

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