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Cold pressed Coconut oil

“Organic Extra Virgin Cold Press Edible COCONUT OIL:- Mansa organic inc. India is aimed towards providing you with healthy and nutritious oils. Cold Press. This means that the oil has been extracted by a hydraulic press method which doesn’t damage essential nutrients and fatty acids. This Coconut oil is extracted by pressing dried coconuts(coconut gola/git/gari)*(not khopra/kopra/ two part coconut) without use of heat and any chemical by the latest hydraulic press(technically supporting by russian company) cold pressed.

method this technique is much batter then wooden press kolhu. This oil is light with a delicate flavor & no preservatives. Coconut Oil – Helps keep hair healthy, promotes hair growth and enhances shine. This Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Extracted from selected high quality coconut git/gari/gola *(not khopra/kopra/ two part coconut). Rich in Vitamin a part from several essential nutrietion and fatty acids this pure oil nourishes the skin and hair.

•Works as a scalp-cleansing and hair-strengthening conditioner •Works as an intense moisturizer that ensures smooth and dewy skin •Works as a great addition to your cooking such as making salads, pastas, smoothies and chutneys as it enhances the taste while keeping your heart safe •Works as an effective oil puller to keep teeth sparkly white •Works as a energy booster for your pre and post-workout needs. •Blessed with whole some benefits for your face, hair, body, and your meals. This elixir of nature is the heart of almost all our coco-nutty products •It is naturally packed with powerful antioxidants, healthy fatty acids, essential nutrients, and vitamins that aid in healing and soothing through its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Storage & Care

:- Coconut Is A Very Sturdy Oil And Does Not Turn Rancid Easily. Store At Room Temperature. Protect From Heat And Light. Refrigeration Helps Maintain Freshness. Never Heat Oils To A Point Where It Starts To Smoke.

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