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CompTIA 220-1101 real exam questions

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A technician needs to recommend an internet connection for a customer who travels around the world and wants to have connectivity while visiting remote camping locations. Some of the locations the customer visits have limited or unreliable cellular service. Which of the following connection types should the technician recommend?
A. Satellite
C. Fiber
D. Hotspot
Answer: A

A user reports that printed receipts have black smudges over the entire image. The text is still present but is very dark and sometimes illegible. Which of the following are the MOST likely cause and solution for the printer issue?
A. The ribbon is jammed and is rubbing on the paper. Clear the bad ribbon and feed it through properly.
B. The printhead is too hot. Adjust the temperature down and retry printing.
C. The printer is loaded with the wrong type of paper. Replace the receipt paper with carbon paper.
D. The blue ink cartridge was loaded with black ink. Put in the correct ink and clean the printhead.
Answer: C

Several users who share a multifunction printer in an office have reported unintended, thin, vertical lines that cover the entire height of every page printed from the printer. Which of the following steps should a technician complete in order to MOST likely resolve this issue?
A. Replace the printer paper with a new ream.
B. Clear the print spooler on each computer.
C. Reinstall the printer driver on each computer
D. Perform the drum-cleaning procedure.
Answer: D

Which of the following should the data center hardware technician implement to ensure maximum uptime for customers’ virtual machines?
A. Line conditioner
B. AC voltage regulator
C. Uninterruptible power supply
D. Cloud storage backup
Answer: C

Which of the following components enables the input on a mobile device’s touch screen?
B. Digitizer
C. Inverter
D. CMOS sensor
Answer: B

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