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The space between humans and digital devices

Humans and digital devices are right now co-existing. Not that we have not been co-existing for a long time, but the changes and rate of change that we are witnessing right now are monumental.

We all love our fair share of devices. But we all are forgetting something extremely crucial.

Even though these devices look highly inviting, we must have a limit that is assigned to them. Something that would be even better is the inclusion of distance.

And this can be attained by buying a separate desk for a Computer Supply Store. It might seem like an underrated suggestion but it is helpful.

All digital devices are emitting radiation. Most of the time. Now, these radiations might not bother you in the beginning but after a period they can be extremely damaging.

Now how can we curb it? In the current time, we are going to be surrounded by them everywhere, where ever we go.

So the best option is to curb the time of usage and increase the distance. Work in a dedicated space and after you are done, maintain a distance from it.

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