If you are looking for a reliable and secure way to implement, manage and manage your clients’ orders through the WHMCS, then Custom WHMCS Modules is for you.

Custom WHMCS Modules and WHMCS Custom Services is a module that allows you to set up custom services which will be visible in the user’s interfaces. This WHMCS module is not only for developers but for manual machine installers and non-pros too!

We, at WHMCS Global Services, pride ourselves on providing our clients with a wide range of custom WHMCS packages. We feel it’s best suited for small to medium-sized companies and organizations that are looking for a solution to their IT needs, holding them down from unnecessary monitoring costs.

WHMCS has always been known as the most powerful and flexible e-commerce platform available. But in today’s environment, building your own custom modules can help you stand out from the crowd. With WHMCS global services, you can save time and money by taking advantage of our industry expertise.

WHMCS Global Services Offers Several Integrated Modules:

Payment Gateway Integration: You can integrate multiple payment gateways into your eCommerce site using our API or API Connector solutions. The payment gateway integration module allows you to accept payments directly from your customers’ cards or bank accounts.

Shipping Integration: The shipping integration module allows you to ship packages to customers immediately after they place an order or enter their billing information. It also allows you to set up shipping rates based on the country where the package will be shipped (to introduce local pricing).

Shipping Batch Invoicing: The shipping batch invoicing module allows you to handle multiple orders at once by automatically invoicing them all under a single invoice number. This reduces errors in tracking and reporting caused by manual processing of multiple.

The Advantages of Using WHMCS Custom Modules are:

1. You can customize your module according to the requirements of your customers and the way you want to present it to them. For example, you can customize the colour of your Brand Name, Logo and Contact Information on the top bar of the panel.

2. You can also add custom images and text to make your module look more catchy and attractive to your customers.

3. You can also add some useful features such as testimonials, live chat, order history etc to make sure that your customers feel comfortable while ordering from your website!

4. You can easily add additional functionality like Custom Fields which will help you in collecting necessary information from your customers during the checkout process!

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