Daily Practices of Data-Driven Marketers

In the absence of data, marketing is a stale interaction and businesses can lose invaluable opportunities. How can businesses leverage data to drive marketing efforts? Data-driven marketers are rising to the top for their focused and intentional use of data in strategy, analysis and execution. Gartner defines data-driven marketing as “the use of data acquired through customer interactions and third parties to gain insight on customer motivations, preferences and behaviors. Data-driven insights enable organizations to enhance and personalize the customer experience.”

In today’s world of booming privacy regulations and the expectation from customers that data given be used to their personal benefit through personalized customer experiences, there is almost no choice but to be a data-driven marketer. Without the use of data, in an intelligent and thoughtful manner, marketing becomes a stale interaction that will lead to fewer consent agreements and lost opportunities.

Daily Practices of Leading Data-Driven Marketers – There are many ways to weave data-driven marketing into your daily work life. For instance, you can set intentional weekly meetings or scheduled emails to review key data points that will help break down internal communication silos. You can ensure that your teams are set up with the right data analytics tools to help reporting and analysis that will bring data to the forefront on a daily basis. You can work key performance indicators (KPIs) into your daily conversations with staff to make sure all conversations are being led by data. 

Customer data provides critical intel on customer interests, behaviors, and trends that should then shape your marketing strategy to increase customer engagement and loyalty. And this commitment to customer data as a driving force for your organization can’t just be at a high level, but must be ingrained into your daily work habits and practices. And you can establish clear goals and use performance metrics to assess progress on a daily basis.

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