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I was given an essay on the effective functioning of the marketing department to write. I didn’t know where I should start, so I did some internet research. I found this post that provided some great, practical tips that really helped me with my essay. I appreciated the emphasis on understanding the requirements before writing. This is something I can sometimes do wrong, especially in argumentative and persuasive writing. Solid advice is also given on how to use essay examples. It’s a great way to quickly get into the right frame of mind, but I tend to forget about them. It’s possible to borrow ideas or sources to help speed up the writing process. I could tell you even more about this post about how to create an essay on effective marketing department functioning. However, I encourage you to give it a go and discover useful wisdom for your class. Here’s a teaser: the author has a wonderful tip on how to conquer the fear of blank pages. I’ve tried it and it worked.

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