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Did You Encounter Truck Brake Failure or Issues?

A truck’s braking performance can impact driving safety. Modifying the system may lead to excellent braking performance. But even after several modifications, sometimes it does not function well. So, what might be the cause? 

If your truck has encountered issues with its brake system, there are a few causes. To ensure your small braking system failure does not contribute to a serious crash, you need to consider repairing it. But before a driver visits a professional for the truck repair service in Calgary, learn the causes.

Why Does a Truck’s Brake Stop Working?

The trucks’ braking systems are undoubtedly critical for the public’s safety. That’s why maintenance and inspection of commercial trucks are compulsory. If a truck driver does not maintain the brake system, it contributes to major accidents. The following are some causes of brake failure in trucks.

#1 Adjustment Arms Losing Their Self-Locking Functions

A wrong braking force in heavy trucks might be because of the adjustment arm. The reason is that the adjustment arm might lose the self-locking function. When the vehicle adjusts the gap, braking performance is right. However, its performance will drop while running for a long timeframe. That might be because a few adjustment arms lose their self-locking functions. 

#2 A Defective Suspension System

In a heavy-weight truck, common signs of a faulty suspension system can lead to:

  • Constant bouncing upon hitting bumps or dipping while braking
  • Pulling or drifting to one side while turning corners
  • Steering difficulties

Such a suspension system may wreak havoc on the brakes. It causes issues with braking imbalance. When you soften the suspension, it reduces stress on the brake. Additionally, it can also lead to a smoother driving experience. But if nothing happens after you try fixing it, now is the right time to visit the service center.

#3 Brake Fade

Truck drivers don’t want to overwork the vehicle’s brake system. But brake fade may happen when they overheat brake drums mistakenly. It usually happens when they press the brakes too hard. Holding the brakes for lengthy periods will result in brake fade. So, a driver should always use short, intermittent, and forceful brakes to avoid accidents.

#4 A Faulty Air-Line

What happens when certain elements in the airline get fractured, broken, or punctured? Simply put, the brakes get damaged because of the air system. That indicates that the air does not remain pressured appropriately. And that will result in ineffective braking. If you experience any such scenario, please consult a professional for the repair.

#5 Brakes Are Overheating

Overheating brakes might, at times, result from brake imbalance. Now how does brake imbalance occur? It’s when brakes are exerting force. Mismatched parts or issues in the pneumatic system may lead to brake imbalance.

It’s a common cause of jack-knifing. But brake imbalance can also contribute to overheating. It usually occurs when drivers use poor braking methods when traveling downhill. Besides reducing the brake’s longevity, it causes temporary malfunctions in controlling the speed.

Smart Tips to Overcome Crucial Situations When Truck’s Brake Fails

Nothing is more dangerous for a truck driver than being incapable of stopping the vehicle because of brake failure. One can follow the given strategies to mitigate the risks of road accidents:

  • Pump the brakes 
  • Downshift and slow down the vehicle
  • Use your emergency stop ramp
  • Give a signal to other drivers on the road
  • Do not use the emergency brake for the time being

If you are experiencing issues with your truck’s brake system, do not leave the situation to fate. Consult professionals at New West Truck Centers to get the right solutions.

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