I began investing in Fresno at the time of 2003 that is to say I invested in some of the biggest and most bizarre markets for sellers ever!! There are people purchasing houses and then selling them on the same day for a profit of 50K and it worked to a degree! Talk about a Sellers’ Market since buyers simply needed to access the good stuff that called real estate.

What is the reason I bring this subject up?

It’s simple, if in the process of starting or are active right now, you must know that Investing in a Sellers’ Market is the most difficult task you’ll ever undertake since it is much simpler for you to make investments in a buyer’s market or a flat one in the event that time is your friend. I’d like to recommend the following tips after my experience with the previous sellers’ market. It is important to note that I invested during the upswing, then stopped when the numbers went up and then I went all in during the downturn.

Job #1: Get crystal clear about what constitutes an excellent bargain for your needs. Are you looking for yield, a cash flow number or else? Don’t change it because you think you must. In 2003, I was looking for an exact return on my funds and got six deals completed in the lead up to prices soared and I had to stop.

Job #2 : Don’t feel scared to explore other areas of your field if you find that one isn’t working. For me, this one simple turn of events the value of my investments when I was no longer viewing single-family houses to looking at smaller apartments.

Job #3: If the market is willing to pay more than let it. This was for me the equivalent of trading (Exchanging) my initial six properties for insane prices and transferring the equity into tiny apartments that happened to protect us from the crashing.

Making investments during a market that is Sellers isn’t easy but once you’ve been successful in this portion of the cycle, all other markets will be easy!!

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