Discover the Best Places to Buy Premium Wine in the Philippines


The Philippines enthusiastically expands their culinary horizon in the wake of the evolution of global food culture. As such, there has been growing interest and tastes for premium lifestyles, particularly the preference for fine wines. These premium wine in the Philippines has been booming than ever before. This change does not only target professional wine drinkers, but also neophytes who wish to explore the elegant realm of wine sampling. 

The Philippines, known for being a spirit/beer country, now enters the complicated and sophisticated world of wines. People are showing a lot of interest towards these products prompting wineries and wine sellers to stock up on premium wines across the world. The market is also dynamic as it has venerable old world classics and thrilling new world challengers. 

Here, there are varied kinds of consumers – those who have an unquestioning palate when it comes to marquee labels and new novices who want to explore the world of wines. The purpose of this guide is to provide information and suggestions for where to purchase high quality wines in the Philippines. It’s just giving a hand to each wine lover in choosing a personal bottle.


Buying Wine in Metro Manila

There’s no doubt that Metropolitan Manila, the economic and administrative heart of the country, offers a multitude of options for wine lovers. Straddling high-end retail and accessible wholesale, here are some spots to consider.

Rustan’s Supermarket — Known for its impressive assortment of imported goods, Rustan’s Supermarket carries an exquisite collection of premium wines. From French Bordeaux to California’s robust reds, this is an excellent place to start. S&R Membership Shopping — For bulk buyers, S&R is a haven. The wholesale store carries a wide variety of global wines, and frequent promos make it an attractive destination for discerning shoppers.


Online Shopping for Premium Wine

With the surge in e-commerce, buying premium wines has become as easy as clicking a button. Online wine stores offer convenience and sometimes more diverse options than brick-and-mortar stores. Some of the noteworthy online wine shops include: — Being the Philippines’ largest online wine marketplace, has an immense selection ranging from budget-friendly to premium high-end wines. Their helpful customer service, speedy delivery, and frequent sales make them a top pick.

Wine Depot — Specializing in valued wines from all over the world, Wine Depot prides itself on providing outstanding quality at every price point.


Premium Wine Shops Across the Philippines

Several specialized wine shops across the country cater to those with a predilection for the prestigious. Here are a couple of standout venues:


Known primarily as a purveyor of authentic Spanish cuisine, Barcino is gradually making waves in the Philippine wine scene. This well-established restaurant carries a commendable selection of wines – a curated assortment that underscores its strong Spanish roots. From robust reds to crisp whites, Barcino features not just Spanish wines but also a range of options that include renowned Italian and French labels, presenting a well-rounded selection for patrons to explore.

In addition, Barcino places a strong emphasis on pairing their delicious tapas and regional dishes with the perfect wine match. Its knowledgeable staff are more than equipped to guide you through the multitude of choices, assuring the best pairing to elevate your dining experience. Whether you’re in search of a full-bodied Rioja or a refreshing Albariño, Barcino offers a range of wines to suit diverse palates.


Marks & Spencer

A beacon of British retail, Marks & Spencer extends far beyond clothing and home products, venturing into the world of premium wines. Their wine offerings, while leaning towards selections from European vineyards, display a marked versatility. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Spain to the cooler climates of Germany, Marks & Spencer showcases an impressive assortment of wines.

Within their broad selection, the retailer emphasizes quality, offering options from various price points without compromising taste or value. They house everything from celebratory champagnes to everyday dinner wines, assuring something for every occasion. With their curated selection of premium wines, you are sure to find a peTrfect addition to your dinner table or a gift for a wine enthusiast.


Cave de Bordeaux

Situated in the heart of Cebu City, Cave de Bordeaux imports exclusive French wines, presenting a rich selection to the ever-growing community of wine enthusiasts in this bustling city. Cave de Bordeaux places strong emphasis on quality over quantity, selecting its imports carefully and assuring that each bottle is representative of the storied French winemaking tradition.

From the refreshing whites of Alsace to the complex reds of Bordeaux, the store opens a gateway to France’s noted wine-producing regions. Whether you’re a novice venturing into the world of French wines or a connoisseur looking for a unique bottle, Cave de Bordeaux offers a selection that caters to a variety of tastes. The staff’s knowledge and genuine passion for their offerings make the wine buying experience all the more enjoyable.


Wineries in The Philippines

With an emerging local viticulture scene in the country; Philippines-produced wines shouldn’t be overlooked. They are unique, and taste great and age well. 

Azienda Agricola Milan – Though relatively new, this winery in the province of Cebu has made a name for itself, predominantly growing and bottling table grapes. While I don’t have real-time data or contextual knowledge about Azienda Agricola Milan in Cebu, generally an “azienda agricola” refers to a type of Italian agricultural company or farm. Such companies often produce wine, olive oil, cheese, and various other agricultural goods. Therefore, if it operates similarly in Cebu, Azienda Agricola Milan likely produces local agricultural products, potentially including wine. For accurate and detailed information, consider reaching out directly to Azienda Agricola Milan or doing further research online.



Buying premium quality wine in the Philippines is its own adventure already. However, it’s important to note that not all people have the same tastes. Hence, selecting a wine simply boils down, straightforwardly and frankly, on personal taste. What constitutes a divine sip to one person may seem as an ordinary pour to someone else. 

Trying different types and origins of the wine is at once an adventure, and an instruction. However, it is important to explore different labels instead of merely sticking with the old favorite in order to get interested by some unexpected tastes. However, this does not necessarily mean that we are buying just any wine bottle. Rather it should be an adventure towards finding a preferred choice. No matter whether you are cruising the racks of a floor stocked wine shop in-store or browsing through online wine catalog, the ideal wine is always at hand. 

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