SPC or Stone Polymer Composite flooring has superior features as compared to normal vinyl flooring. SPC flooring provides luxurious comfort and durable shelf life. SPC is the obvious choice of many homeowners and commercial establishments.

The SPC flooring layers include the following:

  • The core inner layer offers great durability and sets a solid foundation for the flooring
  • The design is such that it can successfully mimic any wood floor color or stone patterns
  • The outer layer protects the floor from spillage and minor damages
  • It is dent-proof and scratch resistant
  • You can select solid and composite SPC, which is the most homogeneous type providing natural resistance against damages to the surface.
  • Another durable SPC is the fiberglass reinforced type of SPC that offers great strength and flexibility.
  • Fiberglass reinforced SPC can sustain high traffic and heavy-duty usage

Why is SPC known as rigid core flooring?

SPC is rigid core vinyl flooring, and it is the most long-lasting waterproof type of vinyl flooring in today’s Malaysian market. It offers an ultra-tough core layer and that is the reason it is also known as the rigid core. SPC can be termed as a stone polymer composite or stone plastic composite. It is the core that makes the flooring stand out and gives the utmost durability. SPC flooring in Malaysia is very popular and maintains its form even when it is installed over uneven subfloors. This rigid core luxurious flooring can be installed over any type of hard surface and on any level. SPC flooring can sustain a great amount of traffic.

Choose from a Wide Range of Patterns & Colours

SPC flooring offers you the choicest variation in styles and flooring patterns. If you are not afraid to try out new varieties of color combinations and designs, SPC can fit the bill perfectly. SPC has a timeless quality and can reflect the beauty of nature around you. You can choose a design that looks just like real wood and it will also give you the feel of wood flooring without any of its drawbacks.

SPC Flooring is Budget Friendly

If you cannot afford hardwood or wood flooring, SPC flooring is the best option for you. It can give you a natural stone or wood-like look and the installation cost is minimal compared to other flooring types. You can even save on labor and attempt a DIY installation. However, it is best to hire professional help for flooring installation.

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