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Ebike Brisbane

We have a vast range of electric bikes and are the leading seller of  and accessories at the bike site. Our electric bikes are pedal-assisted and limited to 25 kph to comply with Australian regulations. Powerful electric motors may be used to supplement your pedal power in various ways on pedal-assisted bicycles. About Australian-made electric bikes, there are two main types of motor modes. It is only when you pedal those electric pushbikes can help you. Because they automatically switch off when you stop pedalling or apply the brakes, they are ideal for long rides.For this reason, pedal-assist bicycles are permitted in Australia as well. It’s more like riding a light electric motorcycle with throttle-operated or on-demand power. The option to travel only using an engine is available. Australia’s laws limit the top speed of these motorcycles to 6 kilometres per hour when pedal assistance is not used, though.

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