Yoruba is a language that can be learned easily since the people of Yoruba origin have traveled worldwide. This language originated in West Africa, and you can learn more about the nation and its culture by learning it. We share five ways in which you can start learning Yoruba online and offline in the next section. 

Entertainment and Culture

The easiest way you can learn any language is through different forms of culture and entertainment of a country. You’ll become familiar with the Yoruba words and phrases when you watch movies. You learn how to pronounce the words and the tone required. 

Learn Through Stories

A fun way to learn the language is through stories. You will be able to learn in an entertaining way while also placing the language in a cultural context. You can listen to someone reading or, if you have advanced far enough, you can read books too.

Have a Friend From Yoruba

Interacting with someone who is from Yoruba also helps you learn the language. If you are lucky enough to visit Moruba and speak to someone in person, you can learn the language easily. However, in the digital age, you don’t need to travel to Yoruba and can talk to someone through any digital meeting platform. You will need to do an online Yoruba course, of course, before you begin a conversation. You can then visit Africa to improve your Yoruba since nothing can replace being in an environment where you are surrounded by people speaking the language. 

Travel to South West Nigeria

Yoruba is widely spoken in the states of South West Nigeria, like Osun, Ogun, and Lagos. From children to adults, citizens of these states speak Yoruba fluently, which will help you learn the language faster. Enjoy the process; the learning curve will be good. 

Take an Online Course

Online learning platforms like Cudoo help you learn the Yoruba language step-by-step. These courses will teach you the right accent, words, pronunciation, and more. If you are a beginner, you can start with Level I of the Yoruba Language Course and move to Levels 2 and 3 as you become more confident. You can also opt for the business language course or the bundle course that has all four modules. 


Yoruba is an exciting language that lets you explore the culture and the people of West Africa. The best part is that with tons of online resources, learning this language is easy. Log on to the online portal and choose a course according to your learning needs. You’ll soon be fluent in Yoruba. 

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