Efficiency Revolution: Market Research on Economizers’ Impact

The economizer, a critical component in industrial boilers, is making waves in the chemical industry for its potential to enhance energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and contribute to a greener future. In this article, we explore the demand and scope of economizers in the chemical sector. The economizer market was valued at USD 7.70 Billion in 2016 and projected to reach USD 11.54 Billion at a CAGR of 6.7% in upcoming years.

The Drive for Energy Efficiency:

The chemical industry is known for its energy-intensive processes, making the pursuit of energy efficiency an imperative. Economizers have emerged as a key solution to address this challenge, as they harness waste heat from flue gases to preheat water or other fluids. This, in turn, reduces the energy required for the generation of steam, hot water, or other heating mediums.

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Demand Drivers for Economizers in the Chemical Industry:

  1. Cost Reduction: The chemical industry is characterized by significant energy expenses. Economizers, by recovering waste heat, substantially lower fuel consumption, resulting in cost savings.
  2. Sustainability Goals: The chemical industry has been actively working towards reducing its environmental footprint. The use of economizers aids in decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with sustainability objectives.
  3. Compliance with Regulations: Stringent regulations on emissions and environmental standards require chemical manufacturers to explore cleaner and more energy-efficient solutions. Economizers play a pivotal role in compliance efforts.
  4. Process Efficiency: Energy-efficient processes are synonymous with higher production efficiency. By utilizing economizers, chemical manufacturers can optimize their operations, leading to increased productivity.

Economizer Applications in the Chemical Industry:

  1. Steam Generation: The chemical industry relies heavily on steam for various processes. Economizers can preheat the feedwater for steam boilers, reducing the fuel required for steam generation.
  2. Heat Transfer Fluids: Economizers can preheat heat transfer fluids used in chemical reactors, heat exchangers, and other equipment. This minimizes the energy needed to reach the desired process temperatures.
  3. Flue Gas Treatment: In some chemical processes, flue gases can be laden with pollutants. Economizers can preheat air for flue gas treatment, improving the efficiency of air pollution control systems.

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The Regional Perspective:

The adoption of economizers in the chemical industry varies by region:

  1. North America: North American chemical manufacturers are increasingly incorporating economizers into their facilities, driven by a combination of cost savings and environmental regulations. The push for cleaner energy aligns with economizer usage in this region.
  2. Europe: Europe’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions has led to the widespread adoption of economizers. Many chemical companies have recognized that economizers are essential for meeting stringent sustainability goals.
  3. Asia-Pacific: Asia-Pacific, home to a thriving chemical industry, is witnessing significant growth in economizer adoption. China, in particular, is embracing economizers as the government encourages energy-efficient practices.
  4. Latin America: While the adoption of economizers in Latin America is growing, it is not as pervasive as in other regions. Economic considerations and regulatory frameworks play a significant role in driving economizer usage.
  5. Middle East and Africa: In this region, economizers are becoming increasingly popular in industries where process heat is crucial. The drive for cost-effective and efficient energy solutions is propelling economizer adoption.

The Asia Pacific economizer market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period.

The Asia Pacific economizer market is projected to grow at the highest CAGR between forecast period. The growth of the Asia Pacific economizer market can be attributed to the increasing demand for economizers in various applications, such as power plants, boilers, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). China and India are the key markets for economizers in the Asia Pacific region. The increased energy consumption in China has fueled the demand for waste heat recovery equipment and economizers in the country, thereby leading to the growth of the Asia Pacific economizer market.

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Economizer Market Key Players

The major market players covered in the report are Schneider Electric SE (France), Johnson Controls International plc (US), Alfa Laval AB (Sweden), Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., (US), Honeywell International Inc. (US), Thermax Limited (India), Cleaver-Brooks, Inc. (US), SAACKE GmbH (Germany), SECESPOL Sp. z o.o. (Poland), STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. (US), Kelvion Holding GmbH (Germany), BELIMO Holding AG (Switzerland), Cain Industries (US), Sofame Technologies Inc. (Canada), Cannon Boiler Works (US), Shandong Hengtao Group (China), and MicroMetl Corporation (US).


Economizers have emerged as a beacon of hope for the chemical industry in its quest for enhanced energy efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental responsibility. As regulations tighten and sustainability gains prominence, economizers are positioned to play an even more significant role in the sector’s future. With their potential to reduce energy consumption and emissions, economizers are not just an option; they are a necessity in the evolving landscape of the chemical industry.

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