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Elegance in Linen Coasters

They also serve as an advertising medium and can also be used as a decorative accessory. Most beverage coasters are made of paperboard material. Some are made to be eco-friendly.

Apart from these paper-made, custom printed beverage mats, linen coasters are creating a buzz in many industries for several reasons. They add a “wow factor” to a simple table setting. They can be presented as holiday décor. They can be an impressive marketing tool.

Linen Coasters

Coasters are customizable to suit the taste of the companies keen on using them as a promotional merchandise. The shapes and sizes of these coasters vary. Designs all depend on specific marketing concepts that advertisers follow.

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Below are some specifics about linen coasters.

*Linen coasters differ because the materials used can be handwoven, embroidered, hand painted, or machine printed. Since linen is as versatile as paper, shapes can vary through custom die cut.

*Linen coasters give that classy and elegant impression as a decorative accessory. They are also practical to use. Furniture surface is protected from damage due to hot beverages, spills, or scratches. The functionality is there, as well as the aesthetic value. This type of coasters can be a nice addition to table settings for special events.

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*Linen coasters made from high-quality linen are machine-washable and can be pressed even when slightly wet. This makes them softer yet still elegant even when reused all the time.

Multipurpose Linen Coasters

It is more expensive to use linen coasters in advertising, but it’s worth every penny since fabric is more durable than paperboard. Additional costs go to the actual printing of the custom message. This customization can be done via hand-painting, embroidery, hand weaving, or machine printing. All of these cost more than ordinary printing.

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The outcome is worth every penny. The coasters made of linen are versatile. They can be classy and elegant. They can be minimalist or loud.

And those who see the importance of using items of utmost aesthetic value won’t hesitate to use these coasters in their table settings.

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Upscale hotels, swanky restaurants and bars, and grand events, which normally require formal and elegant table settings for guests, are venues where linen coasters can be used. Those setting the table wouldn’t think twice about using the coasters as accessories to impress the customers.

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Linen coasters are high-end beverage mats. Companies that sell high-end beverages, such as exquisite wines, can use this as a part of their direct Technology efforts. With hints of sophistication, these coasters remind customers about the brand whenever they take a sip from their wine glasses as they dine in glamour and utmost elegance.

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