Pets are a normal part of human life. But when it comes to persons suffering from disabilities, those pets become an essential part of their lives. These animals are called Emotional Support Animals. According to the Emotional Support Animal laws, an ESA is not a pet, and neither species restrict it. 

Emotional support animals are the one who provides people with love and cares through their presence. These animals help individuals cope with their disabilities, like anxiety, depression or phobias, etc., without difficulties. They act as a support system to their owners. 

Any animal can be an ESA irrespective of breed, size, and weight. Generally, ESAs are allotted by the Licensed mental health professional based on the mental state examination. Emotional Support Animals come with many benefits, and these benefits make them different from other animals. 

Emotional support animals and their owners are protected under Federal Laws and Rights. Let us discuss these laws in detail. 

Fair Housing Act 

The Fair Housing Act was established in 1988. According to this Act, a person can live on any property without trouble. The landlords can make no discrimination based on the animal’s breed, size, and weight. This act applies to all housing areas of all States. The Fair Housing Act is supervised by the government organization HUD. HUD regulations require accommodation providers to consider a tenant’s ESA application and reply within ten days. 

Air Carrier Access Act

The U.S department of transportation has released traveling law for ESA owners so that they can travel easily with their ESA. Airlines cannot charge you any fee to fly with your Emotional Support Animal. If you want to travel with your ESA, you should inform the airlines 48 hours before departure to ensure that you have submitted all the required airline forms. The owners of the ESA are provided with a special cabin so that the ESA and the person should sit comfortably and enjoy their travel.

Note: The Air Carrier Access Act no longer supports ESA travel, according to the most recent DOT guidelines. The decision to allow ESA on their aircraft is up to the airlines as they are no longer required to. Most of these airlines treat ESA like regular pets for just this reason. 

The Air Carrier Access Act still protects psychiatric service dogs (PSDs), so that is not the situation with them. If your dog meets the requirements to fly with you, it is a PSD. To fly with your dog, you must present the airline with a “PSD letter for flying” signed by an authorized mental health practitioner.

Employment Laws

The ADA does not restrict an ESA in some places. Employers are not required to provide ESA owners with accommodations. On the other hand, you might think that receiving animal-assisted treatment will improve your well-being and performance at work. You can individually request that your employer make an exception based on your medical condition.

ESA Campus Laws

According to University laws, an ESA can stay on campus. ESAs are not permitted in other university buildings, food courts, or academic blocks. 


Although most landlords have no trouble providing sane accommodations to persons with mental illness, it is essential to remember that a landlord retains the right to reject your ESA regardless of the situation. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development states that a landlord may refuse your emotional support animal if: 

  • It poses a threat to other renters or the landlord. 
  • The emotional support animal is harming the landlord’s property. 

Moreover, a person must fulfill the requirements for an ESA letter from a licensed mental healthcare professional to qualify for the benefits and fortifications provided by these federal laws. The only way to be eligible for an emotional support animal under the FHA and the ACAA is to have a valid ESA letter from a licensed medical health professional.

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