You could suffer from an unfavorable hair loss situation in your 30s or 40s due to male pattern baldness. However, this problem is common among individuals and is triggered by DHT male hormone. Genetics also play a pivotal role in such instance of affecting the growth of hairs. Well, women can also become victims of genetic hair loss with female pattern baldness. Fortunately, FUE is a hair transplant technique that is helpful in treating male and female pattern baldness. But the cost of FUE can range anywhere from 4000 to 15000 $. Let’s see the factors which are responsible for follicular unit transplant cost.

Area of receding

Hair loss is often referred to as the receding hairline, which starts from the front and leads to the top back of the head. So, it can target a considerable area of the head with baldness. Thus, the cost of FUE would depend on the size of the area. This treatment is useful in eliminating bald areas and filling in hair thinning spots. But every person might have a different size of the bald area to be covered. So, the cost of treatment would depend on this factor directly.

Grafts required

In the case of covering the wide bald area, more grafts would be needed. Almost 6000 grafts are needed to cover the full head with hairs. Hence, if the area to be treated is semi, then you would still need 3000 grafts to be implanted. So, the Follicular unit transplant cost would be computed as per the total number of grafts. The average price per FUE graft is approx. 2 dollars per unit. So, you can get a cost estimation as per the number of grafts required.

Procedure length

The duration of the surgical hair restoration could also relate directly to the cost. FUE is undoubtedly a lengthy procedure that takes 5-8 hours on average for completion. But it is the most precise method to extract the follicular units for transplantation. A surgeon would find the scalp with healthy hairs to augment the survival rate of grafts. The hairs will be harvested one by one from the back of the head. A strip method is also used for transplants that involve cutting skin tissue. It could be a fast and less expensive approach but increases the risk of scarring.

Second session

It is needless to say that you might need another session of hair implant. If the extent of hair loss is wide, then you may need a second session of FUE. In a single session, a surgeon can implant up to 3500-4000 hair grafts. But if you need more grafts than 5k, then a second session is needed. However, the surgeon might assess the number of grafts required and advise you to wait for another session. This could lead to a cost increase for the treatment but would derive quality results.

Surgeon’s expertise

Undoubtedly, a skilled surgeon would provide you with superior results with surgical hair implants. So, the Follicular unit transplant cost would be higher if you consider getting it done by an expert.

To sum up

These are the important factors to consider regarding follicular unit transplant cost. For the best hair transplantation, FUE is the most preferred way. It is safe and derives quality results for the natural and permanent growth of hairs. However, you can consider the strip method as a preferred mode of hair transplant. But this procedure comes with the risk of more scarring on the head. However, it might cost lesser than FUE treatment.

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