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Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx Overview, Price, and Hp range- Khetigaadi 2022

The Farmtrac 60 tractor has unique features and advanced technologies. It is the most popular tractor model from the farmtrac brand. Farmtrac 60 tractor models include the Farmtrac 60 Classic, Farmtrac 60 Classic Epi T20, Farmtrac 60 Classic F 20, Farmtrac 60 Classic Pro Supermaxx, Farmtrac 60 Classic T 20, Farmtrac 60 Classic Valuemaxx, Farmtrac 60 EPI, Farmtrac 60 EPI F20, Farmtrac 60 Epi Supermaxx, Farmtrac 60 Epi T20 Supermaxx, and Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx.

Farmtrac 60

Farmers will find detailed information about one of the best Farmtrac 60 models, the Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx, on this page. And if farmers want to learn more about the other farmtrac 60 models mentioned above, khetigaadi.com is the best platform to learn about tractor models.

Information about Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx: 

Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is the most popular and demanded tractor from the Farmtrac tractor brand. This tractor is well-known for its fuel efficiency and engine dependability. The tractor is used for agriculture purposes such as sowing, pudding, hauling, levelling, tilling, and harvesting. The tractor is best suited for commercial and agricultural use.

Because of its advanced and modern features, the Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx is the most popular tractor in India. This tractor is cost at Rs 5.75 Lac. It has a 3510 cc engine with a rated engine speed of 2000 RPM. The tractor has advanced features such as a constant mesh transmission, dual and independent clutches, oil immersed brakes, and an adjustable front axle.

This tractor has a 16 forward + 2 reverse gear box type and a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2500 kg. It has three cylinders and a total weight of 2280 kg. This tractor’s overall length is 3445 mm, width is 1845 mm, and wheel base is 2090 mm. Farmtrac’s steering system is balanced power steering. The maximum PTO value is 49 HP, and the PTO type is 540 and MRPTO.

Why Choose Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx? 

  • Farmtrac 60 is a brand that originated in India.
  • Reliable and powerful engine.  
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • The tractor is well-known for its fuel efficiency and engine reliability. 

Why farmers should choose khetigaadi for Farmtrac 60 Powermax?

  • Khetigaadi is a digital platform available online. This platform will help farmers in finding their ideal tractor. Finding a low-cost and high-quality tractor on the market is now simple due to the khetigaadi platform.
  • Khetigaadi offers comprehensive information on Mahindra Tractor, New Holland Tractor, John Deere Tractor, Massey Ferguson Tractor, Tafe Tractor, Farmtrac Tractor, and other brands.
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  • If you want to buy or sell a tractor, khetigaadi is the best platform.
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