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Features In The Photo Story Editor To Take Your Story To The Next Level

Treating Instagram Stories as an afterthought is one of the worst social media blunders that companies make. Don’t get us wrong; we adore an artistic Reel or an instructional carousel article. However, Photo Insta Story are unrivalled for engaging your audience and conducting real-time dialogues.

With more than 500 million daily active users, marketers must go above and beyond to engage their customers. Instagram Stories give your company a fresh and entertaining method to interact with your followers and regain control of your reach.

What characteristics distinguish a strong Instagram story? The most successful Instagram Stories are of a high standard, visually appealing, and cleverly include interactive components like polls, quizzes, links, and more.

Over the years, the Instagram Story Editor has introduced a tonne of tools, including gifs, music, and filters that make your Story stand out.

In if that isn’t enough, additional Photo Story Editor are appearing every day. Because there are so many editing tools available, stories are becoming more imaginative, interactive, and interesting.

We touched on the basics of the Story Editor above. Now, it’s time to level up your Stories to maximize that engagement and reach! 

  • Interactive Story Stickers- Instagram’s Photo Story Editor Stickers are your superpower in terms of engagement! Polls, quizzes, countdowns, and question boxes are a few interactive narrative stickers that let you have a two-way dialogue with your audience. To start a discussion, you may message followers directly from your Story and view their answers in real-time.
  • Camera Effects- When it comes to Story design, an artistic filter is the ideal technique to build a certain brand mood in addition to giving your material a more professional appearance. With just a little picture editing, marketers can create the ideal brand look and feel using filters with names like “Bahamas” and “Retro Cam.”
  • Instagram Music- In 2018, Instagram introduced music for Instagram Stories. The music feature is the perfect way for brands to express themselves or evoke an emotion that makes followers feel more connected and engaged with the business. Photo Insta Story and Instagram music is the best combination of this.
  • Closed Captions/Subtitles- In addition to making it simpler for users who are hard of hearing to interact with video content, the advent of the closed caption function gave consumers a means to watch Instagram Stories when they are in a situation where they don’t want to have their sound on or don’t have access to headphones.
  • Link Stickers- Influencers and users with a certain amount of followers were previously the only ones who could link their Instagram stories. Thankfully, Instagram gave everyone accounts access to the feature last year, providing companies more opportunities to engage their customers.

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