Furnishing your kitchen is not always easy, you have to be able to combine organization and decoration. Discover the 4 inspiring projects created by our decorators. You will be able to create a tailor-made kitchen that suits you.

Furnishing your kitchen, all our decoration tips

Designing your kitchen is not always easy. Indeed, it is necessary to be able to optimize the space and highlight it. What could be better than four projects to inspire you to create the kitchen of your dreams? Here are the top 4 of the most inspiring projects presented by our decorators. In addition, decorative advice and a selection of trendy decorative objects to furnish the kitchen.

Kitchen layout n°1: the charming kitchen for a chic effect

For this first kitchen design idea offers a charming kitchen. It offers a closed kitchen with soft, pastel shades. She chose to add a pink base to lengthen the room and give an effect of grandeur to the space.

The kitchen area has plenty of custom-made storage thanks to Cuisinella. The whole allows to have a good organization. The marble effect on the worktop and the credenza adds a chic effect to the kitchen.

On the other wall, a wall decoration has been hung to add a decorative touch and accentuate the charming style thanks to this plant crown. The mirror allows you to add grandeur to the kitchen like the bases.

The wooden table and chairs add a charming touch. The mismatched chairs add an original touch to this kitchen. The flowers recall the country spirit present in this decorative style.

Modern and elegant materials

To fit out the kitchen we find:

  • Natural materials on the furniture.
  • Vegetable touches in the decor.
  • A brown marble worktop for a chic touch.
  • Pastel touches to add softness to your kitchen.

The decorative selection of our decorators

In order to reproduce this charming decoration, you can bet on a pretty vegetal and natural decoration. Opt for rattan or wooden chairs to recall this charming spirit. You can bet on pretty wall decorations with vegetable inspirations. So you can choose to add different wooden frames with pastel flower graphics. Also bet for artificial plants to hang on the wall.

To add the touch of wood to your interior. Consider adding wooden furniture such as a dining table or pretty wooden chairs to fit out the kitchen. Go for models now on https://www.homary.com/category/dining-tables-34.html.

Kitchen layout n°2: black and wood for an industrial style

Bet on the dark kitchen

This second 3D decoration project highlights the industrial style in the kitchen. Indeed, this decorative style matches this room very well and adds a much appreciated design touch.

To fit out an industrial kitchen easily, bet on dark storage thanks to the made-to-measure that you find at Cuisinella. You can thus personalize your storage and create a designer kitchen to your liking.

You can also add natural accents to contrast with the dark color of your kitchen. To do this, bet on touches of wood on your work surface or on your furniture, for example. The whole makes it possible to arrange the kitchen with taste.

Keys of wood

For the realization of your industrial kitchen, we find:

  • Raw wood to add character to your kitchen.
  • Neutral colors like black or white.
  • Many wall decorations to mark the industrial style.
  • Some plants and decorations to make your interior more lively.
  • Dark made-to-measure furniture to recall the decorative style.
  • Some modern lamps to add a touch of decorative light.

Kitchen layout n°3: the ethnic spirit for a kitchen that travels

In your ethnic kitchen, bet on the natural colors that are often found in this style. You can add light wood to your worktop as well as to your entire bespoke kitchen. Bet on a wooden table and chairs to add a natural touch. You can match your wooden furniture with darker hues to create contrast. Add some plants and decorative objects to make your kitchen more pleasant and vegetal.

  • A wooden table and chairs to add a natural touch.
  • Ethnic wall decorations to mark your style.
  • A Cuisinella made-to-measure kitchen in light colours.
  • Integrate materials such as caning or bamboo into the ethnic decoration

Natural materials

To furnish an industrial kitchen, you can add decorations and furniture in natural colors. To do this, bet on wood, caning, rattan or even bamboo, the set allows you to add an ethnic touch to your kitchen.

Bet on wall decorations that are often found in the ethnic style. You can opt for cups or woven baskets.

On your furniture, choose contrasting materials. For example, bet on a chair with dark colors and light details.

Kitchen layout n°4: the Nordic asset for a bright kitchen

For this last idea, our decorator Cléa wants to furnish a Nordic style kitchen. We thus find white or light furniture. The pastel wall adds a touch of color in this modern kitchen. There are also plenty of storage and a large worktop.

A dining area has been created to separate the kitchen from the living room. This part can be used as a work plan or. dining table as needed.

Decorative touches help brighten up the space. Plants add a natural touch to the Nordic kitchen.

Pastel shades in your Nordic decor

In this original decoration, we can find

  • Natural materials like wood.
  • Color on your walls and decorative objects
  • Some light furniture to accentuate the Nordic style
  • Slanted feet, the essence of this style
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