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Gold Jewellery: a Prized Possession

Gold is the most popular among the precious metals. No other metal has got such a fancy from mankind as Gold does. Gold Jewellery is the prized possession of the Humans from the ancient times.

Gold jewellery is known for its beauty and grandeur. The character of 22ct Gold offering extreme malleability and ductility coupled with the man’s imagination and his ability to create wonderful and intricate designs has made Gold Jewellery a thing of beauty.

Gold jewellery has become an expression of love and affection and sometimes it becomes a binding factor among the family members. It is considered the most auspicious thing in life by most of the cultures like the Oriental and Indians. A family’s wealth and status is measured by the quantity of Gold Jewellery held by it in these cultures.

In ancient Egyptian civilizations, the Pharaohs wore Gold Jewellery all over their bodies as a part of their royal ceremonial Robes. These indian gold jewellery were buried with the Kings on their death with a belief and wish that their dead Kings should look rich and pompous even after their death. Such was the affinity shown to Gold Jewels during these times.

Gold is mostly worn as Jewellery and the basic use is as Rings worn in the fingers of married and engaged People. Apart from this it is worn as ear rings, nose studs even in the tongue, belly button and other places on the body. But most of people use Gold Jewellery in their necks as Chains, Necklaces, Hip chains, Gold Bracelets and Bangles in their hands, as Ankle chains in their legs and toe rings in their legs.

Changing Styles, invention of machinery that aids in the production of low weight Gold jewellery with highly intricate designs all lead to the rampant use of Gold even by the less affluent people of the Society. Gold jewellery is a 22ct gold jewellery craze amongst the younger generations also and the changing fashions give different types of use for the Gold jewellery which are worn more as a show of Wealth rather than for their utility.

There are certain important things to be noted while purchasing Gold jewellery. The primary thing is the quality of the Gold metal measured by its purity in Carats. The higher the Carat value the purer the Gold. Pure Gold is mixed with other metals like Silver, Copper to give strength and other characters to the Jewellery made out of it.

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