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Good makeup blogs to share

With appearance becoming more and more important today, more and more people are following beauty and makeup blogs in order to learn about makeup and dressing. For many makeup artists, beauty blogs are mentors on the road to beauty. So, to draw attention to the right beauty bloggers, Bian Xiao has compiled ten of the hottest beauty blogs in China for everyone. Quickly follow these blogs out of your fashion!

No.1 Shunpei the Great Demon King
In theory, Lord Junping is not a beauty blogger. In fact, Lord Junping taught people more about professional skin care. I teach everyone to choose the most suitable skin care products based on their skin condition. I also do a lot of skin care tests and launch my own skin care brand.You can find many professional skin care tips in his blog about makeup.

No.2 Teng Yujia Amiu
An early beauty makeup blog can be said to be an old man of the internet red age, but there has been a constant storm in recent years.She has write high quality blog about makeup for many years.

No.3 Benny Dong Zichu
Male beauty makeup artist Weibo is very popular, Dong’s poisonous tongue video is the most worth watching in Dong’s video. The eloquent little bitch Bei, spit out thunder and black powder makes you want to stop. Moreover, Dong Zichu has established his own brand croxx, and the price is also very beautiful!You can find so many funny things in his blog about makeup.

No.4 Mr. Xu late at night
Teacher xu is arguably a beauty and makeup blogger with better resources. With more commercials and fashion campaigns, her candid personality has won many fans. Teacher Xu’s evaluation is very broad. Girls’ favorite snacks, makeup, skin care products and makeup tools are all tested.You can get more useful beauty tips in her blog about makeup.

Launched the Massage Machine Seismic Makeup Challenge. At the time, many people took up the challenge on the internet and were well-received by fans. Fans are more about teaching people some small makeup skills, and there are also many sharing and commenting on beautiful makeup objects.

No.6 Zhang Kaiyi Kevin
Beauty and makeup blogger, who has been attracting attention in recent years, has a straightforward and enthusiastic personality, and opened a tuberculosis beauty and makeup shop shortly after the anger. The most popular are her shopping sharing and unpacking videos. Daily vlogs are also fun.

No.7 Hu Chuliang
Huo also opened his own beauty shop very early, but now many Weibo are full of in-store promotions and photo sharing, and there are no dry beauty products to look at, but there are still many fans.

No.8 You are handsome with a furry face
Although Mao Dan had the name of such a man, he was a very gentle little sister. Videos sharing good makeup and makeup are very popular and relatively “prolific” beauty bloggers. There are also many daily blogs on Weibo.

No.9 Bug Chonny
Bugs are good at makeup. They often imitate makeup. At first, they gained many loyal fans through makeup parodies. Usually, they can also change their styles at will. I’ve done a lot of beauty makeup assessments in writing, which makes it easier for you to learn. Now I love my boyfriend so much, so bug-focused fans should get ready for dog food.

No.10 Little Pig Sister
Piggy’s makeup imitation is really unique. Interested friends can take a look at her makeup imitation series, especially the eye part. Usually, cosmetics are evaluated and shared, but most of them are advertisements in their own stores.
Although more and more internet celebrities are opening their beauty shops and recommending lots of goodies to make fairies beautiful, Bian Xiao still needs to remind everyone not to buy blindly.

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