Hidden Benefits of weight loss

Do you want to lose weight? 

” Weight loss is not a one or two-day procedure, it’s a lifestyle. “

 Is it for yourself or others?

Clear it, lose weight for yourself, (Join our yoga school in Rishikesh) not others, because you love yourself.


Reasons for weight gain 

Here are some reasons that lead to weight gain : 

  • regular to processed foods 
  • high intake of soda
  • sugar addiction
  • regular to junk foods
  • depression or anxiety
  • medication
  • pregnancy
  • no workouts


Weight gain problems


Here are some problems that occur due to weight gain :

  •  fatty liver
  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • Sleep apnea (face breathing (Join our yoga teacher training in Rishikesh) problem while sleeping)
  • belly fat (too much fat around your waist)
  • slower the digestion
  • pain in joints


Need to weight loss


Here are some benefits got with weight loss :

  • good physique
  • control diabetes
  • reduce risk of heart diseases
  • flat tummy
  • proper sleep
  • better metabolism
  • reduce joint pains
  • reduce backache
  • feel more energetic


Weight loss

Now, discuss for some (Join our 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh) strategies to help lose weight without lack of nutrition :


  • Eat fresh


  • Eat slowly


  • Daily eat breakfast (never skip breakfast)


  • Drink water before meals or 30 min. after the meal
  • Move to hot water (drink like tea)
  • Stay hydrated


  • Get good quality sleep


  • Weight once a week


  • Avoid sugary drinks (package fruit juice)


  • shut the kitchen at night (body rest time)


  • Keep Unhealthy Foods out of the House


  • cut-out junk foods(having a lot of cheese, butter)
  • Skip refined grains (white bread, (Join our 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh)
  •  cakes, cookies, and pretzels)
  • move to whole grains (chappatis, rice, dal)
  • Craving? avoid junk – love to nuts


  • Start intermittent fasting 


  • eat protein – Healthy protein sources include:
  1. meat: beef, chicken, pork, and lamb
  2. fish and seafood: (Join our 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh) salmon, trout, and shrimp
  3. eggs: whole eggs with the yolk
  4. plant-based proteins: beans, legumes, quinoa, tempeh, and tofu.


  • eat good fat
  1. olive oil
  2. avocado oil
  3. fish


  • eat fruits and vegetables


  1. broccoli
  2. cauliflower
  3. spinach
  4. tomatoes
  5. kale
  6. Brussels sprouts
  7. cabbage
  8. lettuce
  9. cucumber


  • move your body


  1. walking,
  2.  jogging,
  3.  running,
  4.  cycling, 
  5.  Swimming
  6. Yoga


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