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How about some Paul Gauguin and the South Seas?

In 2023, the freshly rebuilt 165-cabin Paul Gauguin will sail the Pacific, visiting the Cook Islands, Fiji, the Marquesas, and the Society Islands. T+L readers awarded the Paul Gauguin’s crew extremely high scores, helping the single-ship brand win the World’s Best Award for small-ship cruise lines in 2022.

Before comparable voyages in 2022 sold out, Uniworld Boutique River Cruises will offer two nine-night “mystery cruises” in 2020, with the European locations disclosed just as clients leave. The June 2023 trip’s participants will phrazle gather in Amsterdam, while the July 2023 cruise’s passengers will meet in Nice, France; from there, the journey’s final destination and itinerary are up in the air.

The Seabourn Venture, the first 132-suite adventure ship for the premium company, debuted in late summer with itineraries in northern Europe; voyages to Japan, the South Pacific, and Antarctica are scheduled for 2023. The second ship in Seabourn’s expanding expedition fleet, Seabourn Pursuit, is expected to debut in 2023.

Take a Tiny Ship Around Europe and See All Its Treasures

With a spring 2023 debut date, the 228-passenger Scenic Eclipse II will sail to destinations as diverse as Dublin and Lisbon, the Arctic and Antarctic, and more. The cutting-edge ship, which will offer sumptuous rooms with butler service and a wide variety of accessories like helicopters (plural) and a submarine, will be comparable in style to the Scenic Eclipse.

Less Destructive Travel to Wilder Locations

The 71-cabin Sylvia Earle is Aurora Expeditions’ newest ship, and the company promises that its operations are carbon neutral by offsetting all emissions. Even though the newly released ship is fuel-efficient thanks to its X-Bow design, it doesn’t scrimp on adventure essentials like Zodiacs and snowshoes for visitors on Antarctica trips. If the weather is right, they can even go scuba diving in the polar seas or camp out on the ice.

One Person’s First Time on a Brand-New Cruise Line

Newcomer cruise company Atlas Ocean Voyages stands apart from the crowd by not charging a single extra on its two 98-suite ships, despite the fact that this is the usual in the business. In November of 2022, the second ship for the line, World Traveller, made its debut. From Ushuaia, Argentina, to Antarctica, it will make nine-, ten-, eleven-, and twelve-night round journeys until March 2023, after which it will cruise to the Mediterranean to visit Spain, France, and Portugal.

The Celebrity Flora is another option for a Galápagos cruise; it has 50 suites, several of which have verandas, as well as a stargazing deck and a fleet of comfy tenders. The first of two possible itineraries is a seven-night “northern circle” that includes stops at the volcano-dotted Santiago and the bird-rich Genovesa Island (also known as Bird Island). The “outer circle” of the railway visits Daphne Island, which not many people visit.

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