The original business directory and social media site, LinkedIn, is the forefather of all subsequent company listing websites and social media sites for the b2b and b2c lead generation. Despite all the new business directories and social media websites, their pages still contain valuable information. If you want to extract real and valid business data from LinkedIn, having a LinkedIn company pages scraper in your hands is important.

LinkedIn is a great source for finding businesses in a specific city, county, or state, as it contains all of the necessary information such as phone numbers, addresses, business hours, names, and more. Simply by specifying a search term and location in the search bar you can find a huge business database.

LinkedIn Company Extractor – Now Easily Extract Business Data From LinkedIn To Excel

Our pre-built LinkedIn Company Data scraper allows you to rapidly and efficiently collect data from LinkedIn business profiles such as company names, addresses, emails, staff, connections, and phone numbers without writing a single line of code.

Why Should You Consider Scrapping The LinkedIn Business Profiles?

LinkedIn is one of the richest banks of valuable business information to be found on the Internet. LinkedIn has more than 800 million users and 55 million registered businesses across 200 countries.

In today’s age of information explosion, having a database of customers is extremely important to approach them. Even the smallest change can have a huge impact on your business and the marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn knows the market better than anyone else. Scraping the data from LinkedIn is the best step to collect real and authentic business databases for b2b marketing and selling purposes.

What Is A LinkedIn Company Extractor?

With the LinkedIn Data Extractor, the software of “Ahmad Software Technologies” you can easily extract the business data from LinkedIn and save it in Excel format. This LinkedIn email scraper software is so simple to use that all you have to do is enter your keywords in the search bar of the software and then click the search button to begin extracting information from LinkedIn. You can scrape data for any keyword and location you want. If you sell products or services to marketing agencies, you can pull leads from marketing agencies and save them as an Excel sheet.

Why LinkedIn Company Extractor Is The Best For LinkedIn Scraping?

When you search for a keyword in the LinkedIn search bar, you will get results that run across thousands of business profiles. For example, type any business name in the LinkedIn search bar like Digital Marketing Agencyand select the area where you want a list of all Digital Marketing Agencies then the LinkedIn will give you marketing agencies listed on the website. Now you have 2 options to download data from LinkedIn search results. You can copy and paste the data manually which I will not recommend as it will waste a lot of your time and money and effort.

What I recommend is to use the LinkedIn Business Leads Extractor and get all the results from LinkedIn in a few clicks, it will save you money and effort! Money? Yes, you can save your money through this software by increasing your productivity in the business and you can also sell b2b leads to businesses through outsourcing projects.

Why LinkedIn Company Extractor Is The Best Scraper For LinkedIn?:

LinkedIn Data Scraper is so easy to use that with just one click you can extract and save the data in Excel format without having to learn to code. People think LinkedIn data scraping is a very expensive process, but let me mention here that LinkedIn Company Scraper is the scraper where you can spend very little money and will get thousands upon thousands of potential customers on a daily basis.

It allows you to simultaneously extract B2B leads from more than 100 LinkedIn business profiles. It is a very accurate and well-organized LinkedIn scraping tool to search and extract existing data on LinkedIn business profiles. You can save/export the extracted data in CSV, EXCEL, and Text format.

What Are The Benefits Of Using LinkedIn Company Extractor?

Boost the email marketing and mobile marketing of your business.

Grow your leads list with thousands to millions of business leads.

Get email, phone, and social media leads of your potential customers.

Crawl business profiles from LinkedIn for the most up-to-date data.

Get high ROI with updated email and phone marketing than typical Ads.

Direct contact and feedback from potential customers can improve your service.

Best for generating b2b leads from LinkedIn that will allow you to quick-start your marketing.

What Will You Get With LinkedIn Company Extractor Software?

You will get the following information from business profiles by using LinkedIn Company Extractor software.

LinkedIn business profile link

Business email address and phone number

Social media links

Website Links

Company Staff

Year established


Company address

Zip code, and much more.

See How Software Works?

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