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How Often Should You Get Your Carpet Cleaned?

Colourful carpet floors decorate the residential and commercial premises. Sometimes lack of maintenance and negligence lead to mould growth, dampness and foul smells. That is why you need carpet maintenance. One frequently asked question that we often face from our customers is how often should I get my carpet cleaned? Regular carpet maintenance is essential, but you need rug cleaning in Brisbane at least once a year for residential premises. However, commercial premises receive more foot traffic, so it is better to deep clean the carpets thrice a year, but it depends on several factors. 

Factors that Determine How Often to Clean Carpets

The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on the foot traffic, size of the carpets, condition, and severity of the damage. It also includes the following factors:

Foot Traffic and Dust 

You need to consider the traffic carpets get on a daily basis. For example, commercial premises receive more foot traffic during prime business hours, whereas residential premises do not receive such foot traffic. Over time carpets accumulate dirt, dust and germs, so they must be cleaned properly if you find any such instances on the surface.

Members of the Family

If you have pets or kids, you must vacuum the carpets daily. Besides that, we also offer personalised suggestions if you consult with our expert for a carpet inspection. Some of the home remedies, such as baking soda, and enzyme-based solutions, work against stains, and foul smells, which you must frequently apply to make the carpet long-lasting.

Wearing of Shoes and Maintenance

Carpets deteriorate the quality rapidly in commercial spaces because offices and facilities allow the wearing of shoes in indoor areas. We encourage our clients to consult with carpet technicians for regular maintenance in commercial spaces to avoid excessive expenditures such as repairing or replacing carpets.

Light Coloured Carpets Need Extra Care

Do you know that light-coloured carpets need to be cleaned more frequently? They often reveal dark spots and patches on the surface. Light-coloured carpets are often tough to maintain, especially on commercial premises. Many people rely on baking soda, dishwashing liquid, and vinegar for home remedies. These are effective but work on the surface level. Our rug cleaning Brisbane professionals use certified products that transfer into deep layers of the fabric to provide a better outcome. 

Other Factors that Deteriorate the Carpet Quality

  • Smoking in indoor areas can deteriorate the quality of the carpets.
  • If the residents or pets have allergies, it might spread quickly if you do not clean the carpets regularly.
  • Besides vacuuming, you need advanced care to eliminate dead skin cells and germs.
  • Warranty requirements of the carpets are also a factor why customers call a professional carpet cleaning Brisbane services.

Why is It Important to Deep Clean Your Carpet?

Over time carpets accumulate dirt, dust and germs that deteriorate the quality of the fabrics and colours. It may lead to wrinkles, torn, holes, patches and stains on the surface that look ugly, especially in commercial premises.

Deep cleaning is also essential to maintain the standard hygiene in your premises because the fibre accumulates and provides shelter for tiny creatures and pests. Regular deep cleaning keeps all this away, enhancing the ascetic quality and hygiene in your premises.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning Brisbane?

Professionals are equipped with advanced tools and certified products to conduct the process. Besides that, all reports are certified and well-trained with the latest technologies in the market, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

If you are relying on DIYs, we encourage you to consult us for carpet steam cleaning Brisbane professionals are available 24/7 to restore the original shine of the carpets. We also offer repair and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients. Please feel free to call us and book a same-day appointment! 

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