The decision to invest passively in real estate via syndications can be a wise decision for anyone who has an interest in the ownership of multi-family properties but not want to directly be involved with day-to-day operations and management. When choosing a Real Estate Syndication the most important thing is to locate a proven trustworthy and reliable syndicator. It might be beneficial to consider an syndicator in terms of a sponsor, promoter or manager of the investment group of investors. To aid anyone researching and vetting any potential network, below are a few essential aspects to consider.

Understand the Strategy

The most effective sponsors follow a specific strategy to search for new properties as well as investing. This includes selecting properties that are based on the potential for cash flow and occupancy rates, the number of units within the building and asset class as well as an amount of the transaction that is minimum. Additionally, the syndicator is expected to carry out thorough due diligence of the land in order to analyze the area’s expansion, employment, geographic location and demographic changes. This helps investors know the specific investment requirements for the syndicator and to make sure it matches their objectives as well as their risk tolerance.

Past History in Capital Raising

An in-depth review of the track record for the syndicator should be essential before deciding to invest. This includes information on previous deals, the structure, and charges for the investments, and whether the cash flow forecast was realized for the investors. Does the sponsor have the funds needed to fund the investment? Does the person or company have a strong investor base that is in agreement with the idea? The details are crucial. Examine the portfolio of the syndicator and then determine the mathematical basis of the investments. This includes the kind of multifamily properties bought and the dates of purchase, the expected return as well as the actual in the event that it is available. For new purchases the actual return might not exist, however an estimated IRR (internal rate of return) must be disclosed.

The Expertise of the Firm

While the history of capital raising, when paired with details on the portfolio of assets, is a reliable indicator of the effectiveness that the syndicator has, the experience that they provide to the transaction is just as crucial. The top firms have top team members. This includes those with substantial investments into multifamily properties and their own skills that they can bring. The information you need should be accessible through their official website. When you can, have a meeting with a member of the team so that you have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and make sure that the team members are aware of how to comply with SEC regulations and are able to manage your investment funds. Provides an opportunity to invest in real estate by diversifying with Hotels and Short Term Rental Assets with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

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