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How to Choose an Antique Rug

What should I keep an eye out for while shopping for an antique rug?

People often come to me with the inquiry, “Before purchasing an antique rug, what should I consider?” I’ve been in the rug buying and selling industry for over a decade, so this is a natural inquiry. Where can I go shopping for vintage carpets? What is the best place for me to start looking for an antique rug?

To begin, the finest antique carpets are highly sought after by collectors, designers, and retailers from all over the globe. We appreciate antique carpets as works of art. An antique rug must be at least eighty years old. While anything less than a century old cannot be called an antique in the art or furniture world. One of the distinctions is that antique carpets should not seem like they were used at all and merely appreciated as art. Unlike artwork, carpets are meant to be trodden on and walked on. As a result, art will always seem more contemporary and will stand the test of time. Incredibly, some older rugs cost less than brand-new ones. However, there is a misperception that antique carpets cost more than modern rugs. In today’s market, a brand-new rug might cost as much as $80 per square foot. Generally speaking, this is how much things cost. Rugs of higher quality might cost two or three times as much. For example, a 9’x2′ new rug may cost roughly $8,600. Keep in mind that carpets in this price range are unlikely to be of commercial quality or exceptional design. Some brand new 9′ by 12′ carpets have fetched prices exceeding $20,000. If you’re going to put down a significant sum of money on an antique rug, my question is simple: why not get one with some resale value? New 120×170 rugs are wonderful, but they don’t amount to much. It’s the same as if you spent $30,000 on a brand-new automobile. There is an instantaneous drop in value the moment you drive away from the showroom with a brand-new automobile.

So, here are some things to keep in mind in your quest for the ideal rug:

There are a handful of factors to think about, such as price, the current design market, size, quality, age, and condition.

First, financial constraints: the prices of carpets, both new and old, may range widely. There might be a wide range of causes for the pricing differences. Some of these causes are:

Today’s Design Industry: a. Whether or if a rug is now a must-have on the market is determined by its pattern, color, trend, and overall aesthetic. Yes, preferences vary, and the final choice is always a matter of the person. Indeed, every market has its unique characteristics. In the American market, for instance, ornamental goods are prioritized. We live in a beautiful culture. Color and design play a large role in our purchasing decisions. In other marketplaces, goods are chosen based on quality. Markets in Europe, for example. The Europeans place a higher value on high-quality vintage rugs. Antique carpets such as Oushak rug costs are highly determined by the design of the rug as well. For example, all-over-designed carpets vs. medallion rugs. There is a minimum 30% premium for carpets with an all-over design compared to those with a central motif. Everything in the American market should be focused on. We choose carpets with symmetrical motifs and place them centrally in the space.

b. Dimensions Take careful measurements of the room to help you choose the right size rug. Placing a rug in a room is a matter of personal preference rather than following any particular formula. A smaller rug in a larger space is a personal preference for some. Some people are picky and want to make sure the rug is the perfect size for the space. When making a compromise, people often start with the issue of size. They are highly flexible on the issue of rug size if they fall in love with an antique rug for other reasons (such as its design, color scheme, pricing, or general aesthetic appeal). The purchase price of a brand-new rug is determined by its total square footage. The larger the rug is, the more costly it will be. However, this is not the case with antique carpets as they are individually rated based on several variables. For instance, it is not unheard of for an ancient rug (5’x8′) to be auctioned at Christie’s London for $10 million.

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