How To Decide My Property Management Company Is Ripping Me Off Or Not?

As an investor at the time I entered this industry I had no idea concerning property management. I was simply an investor. I could not find a reliable property management firm, which is why I started my own. I never would have wanted to enter this business, but I could not find anyone looking at the issue from an investor’s point of view as we do. We founded this company and now we’re having customers who ask: “What makes you different? What can we do to ensure that we’re not being ripped off by you?” The first step is you need to know about social media. Take a look on the web. Check out what our customers are commenting on. We have over 400 4.8 stars reviews. This is a significant number of reviews. The amount of many reviews as a property management firm is quite impressive.

The next step is to consult with some recommendations. I’d check to see whether they have a great reputation. Check Better Business Bureau. In Texas You can also check for the Texas Real Estate Commission, and determine if they’ve had any complaints against them. It is also possible to check online to find out the number of properties are vacant and for how long they’ve been empty for. If you happen to see vacant properties, I’d examine them and find out what they appear like online. Are they using an unprofessional iPhone that no one wants to use? Or are they using professional photos? This is your money. You need to ensure that the tenant is taking proper care of it and is it being done professionally.

You need to ensure that all of the above things…This is the foundation of whether or not they’ll try to scam you. If a lot or more of these warnings are popping up you can be sure they’re not a great company and you’re likely to be facing more issues in the future.

Go through Google reviews. Check Better Business Bureau. Request recommendations. There are a few things you can try. Search them on the internet. Find out what other people are talking about them. Ask people who have previously used them. As I mentioned, referrals are a great way to get referrals. The last but not last thing, if they own vacant homes, observe the way they appear and what kind of feedback agents are making about them since that would be a clue. Provides an opportunity to invest in real estate by diversifying with Hotels and Short Term Rental Assets with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

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