How to Draw Dumbo Easily

How to Draw Dumbo. The 1941 Disney classic has captivated viewers of all ages since its release. The film has memorable characters and a timeless soundtrack, and it addresses important issues such as accepting others’ differences and acknowledging individuality.

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The film focuses on the lovable elephant, and learning how to draw Dumbo is a great way to celebrate this classic character.

If you love this movie and this cute elephant, you’ve come to the right place! You should read the guide to the end if that applies to you.

Our step-by-step guide to drawing Dumbo in just 6 easy steps will show you everything you need to know to recreate this wonderful character.

How to Draw Dumbo

Step 1

When you think of the character Dumbo, the first thing that probably comes to mind is his large ears, which allow him to levitate in the air.

That’s why we’ll start with one of his ears in this guide on how to draw Dumbo; first, let’s start with his signature hat.

This hat has a small brim and a pointed top. The reference image shows you what it should look like.

Once we’ve drawn the hat, let’s draw the big ear we discussed. Draw a long, thin, curved shape with a rounded tip for the right side of the slightly curled ear.

Then draw another wavy line from the top of the ear down to the left side.

Finally, add another curved line from the ear down for the beginning of Dumbo’s back. Then you are ready for step 2!

Step 2

In this next step, we will start drawing the head and another ear for Dumbo’s drawing. To do this, you can start by drawing another rounded line from the base of his hat.

Once we’ve drawn her, we’ll add her eyes, which are thin vertical ovals with more rounded shapes inside. We’ll also draw some curved lines above the eyes for her eyebrows.

Finally, you can also draw the other ear on the right side of his head. This ear will look very similar to the first but thinner due to the perspective we’re looking at it from.

Step 3

As we all know, Dumbo is a baby elephant, meaning he must have a trunk! So in this step of our guide on drawing Dumbo, we will add one for him and other facial details.

The torso extends between his eyes and is drawn with a few rounded lines that connect. We will also add a smiling mouth to the base of the torso.

Once you’ve drawn the torso, with a few more rounded lines, you can add a small collar around its neck and then add its little legs tucked under it.

Step 4

In the next step of this Dumbo drawing guide, we will focus on completing the final details and parts of the Dumbo drawing.

First, add a curved line under her body to draw her rounded stomach. Next, we’ll add another foot sticking out from under her belly.

To complete this step, you can draw his little tail backward. Once these details are drawn, the next step is to add the final details for this image.

Step 5

There is still a small space left on this picture that we will fill for this step of our guide on drawing Dumbo.

To fill this space, let’s draw the last leg for Dumbo. This leg will look very similar to the others you drew for him.

Once this section is complete, please add details and personal touches before proceeding! An interesting idea would be to draw a background for this picture.

You can use your favorite scene from the movie to recreate the moment or create a new setting for Dumbo. Adding some other popular movie characters would enhance this picture as well!

Step 6

When coloring our sample image for this drawing of Dumbo, we kept the colors as they appear in the film.

This means we used shades of gray for most of her body while incorporating some pink tones for the inner ears.

Finally, we used red and yellow for the collar and hat. If you’d like to keep Dumbo as he appears in the film, our example image will serve as a color guide for you to follow!

This is your drawing. If you prefer to color in different colors or mediums, you should let your creativity run free!

Your Dumbo Drawing is Finished!

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