How to Increase Attendee Engagement With Mobile Apps for Events

Nowadays, no event can be considered successful without a mobile event app. The introduction of a mobile app for events has completely changed the entire process of event registration, and ticketing, including check-in and much more.

Whether it’s a hybrid event, an in-person event, or a virtual event, a mobile event can be customized accordingly. For instance, if it’s an in-person event, then a mobile event can be personalized with features like early check-in, 3D Wayfinder, QR check-in etc., and that’s how we can call it an in-person event app.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how we can leverage these mobile apps for events to increase attendees’ engagement and reach. So without further ado, let’s start:

What’s the Role of The Mobile Event App?

Undoubtedly, a mobile event app is just like any other application. But it plays a crucial role in event planning and execution. The event app handles half of the operations and doesn’t put the whole burden on event CRM.

For instance, if someone is organizing a hybrid event, what are the things that the event planner needs to consider? Start with the number of in-person attendees, the number of virtual attendees, and the check-in process for both attendees. However,  don’t forget about feedback collection. In such cases, a hybrid mobile event app can be your saviour. Having such a personalized application can solve all queries related to an event.

Benefits of Mobile Event App

There’s no doubt that event mobile apps are becoming more popular and trending each day. Here are a few benefits of using a mobile event app,

Personalized And Mobile Multi-Track Agenda 

Attendees can store their favorite sessions on event applications so they can construct a personalized agenda. Customized reminders before their session begins, aid attendees in staying focused on their areas of interest. The event app instantly updates any changes to the schedule. Notifications make it simple to tell others as well.

Better Arranged

You may become more organized with an attendee engagement app since it serves as a central location to keep important details about the event. This includes the agenda, speaker onboarding, venue information, sponsors, and exhibitor information. You, your attendees, and any uncertainty may be avoided by quickly and simply finding the information.

Organize Several Events 

An event app is worthwhile to invest in if you are managing several events over time. The list of participants and message threads are both conveniently accessible with just one click. You will be able to track every event with only a few clicks if you use an event app. You may share event activities after they have ended to increase client involvement, especially for your next shows.

Works Well With Social Media 

Numerous mobile event apps have social media integration. This makes it possible to share user-generated content from the event app on well-known social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As a result, your hybrid event brand will be further promoted.

How to Increase Attendee Engagement by Leveraging a Mobile Event App?

There is no doubt that the mobile event app has done wonders for event planners. But, have you ever thought that you could use a mobile event app for your attendees too? You can use the app to increase attendee engagement. Here’s how you can do it:

Real-time Communication and Messaging

Any mobile event app must have real-time messaging and communication capabilities. These tools let participants interact with other attendees, presenters, and organizers. It also aids guests in staying updated about any changes or announcements pertaining to the event and receiving the most recent information. During the event, messaging may be used to network and exchange contact information. Furthermore, real-time communication allows for immediate problem-solving and addressing any concerns that may arise during the event. It enhances the overall attendee experience by fostering engagement and facilitating seamless collaboration among participants.

Personalized Matchmaking and Recommendations

Based on  interests and preferences, you may improve the attendance experience by recommending relevant programs, exhibitors, or other participants. Participants can make use of these features to discover new opportunities and connect with like-minded people. With the aid of these services, attendees can efficiently plan their schedules.

By leveraging personalized matchmaking and recommendations, attendees can maximize their networking opportunities and discover new opportunities within the event. This not only enhances their overall experience but also increases the likelihood of meaningful connections and collaborations. Additionally, these features enable attendees to optimize their time and prioritize sessions or exhibitors that align with their specific goals or interests.


Event organizers can provide accessibility for people with particular needs or impairments by including elements like closed captioning, audio descriptions, sign language interpretation, and assistive technology. By incorporating these elements, you can help foster a welcoming environment where all participants will feel included and welcomed.

Social Media Integration

Participants may be able to interact with other participants and share their experiences through integration with social media platforms. Attendees may contribute images, videos, and updates on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using event smartphone applications. Participants can connect and network with other guests using social media.

Gamification and System of Rewards

For your mobile event app, gamification elements like leaderboards, polls, and quizzes may increase participant engagement and enjoyment. Participants can take part in event-related activities, tasks, or competitions. These features can also be used to reward participants for completing particular tasks or visiting particular exhibitors.

For instance, you may incorporate a live trivia game to test attendees’ knowledge and provide prizes to the victors during breaks or between sessions. You may design a scavenger hunt that encourages players to explore the occasion and complete different tasks in order to earn points and prizes.

Event Mapping

Using event mapping, make sure participants can simply find their way around the gathering. It offers participants an interactive map of the event site that shows where seminars, exhibitors, and other attractions are located. Additionally, event mapping offers directions and directs visitors to the correct spot. By giving guests a clear and simple map, this tool can help them save time and feel less stressed.

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